This Assisted Living Facility Resembles a Small Town From the 1930s


This video provides a great example of how controlled environments can be structured to make life better for patients living with dementia and Alzheimer’s. The video describes an assisted living facility in Ohio that’s modeled from a town in the 1930s and 40s. The facility features interior corridors designed to look like tiny homes, complete with front porches and porch lights that turn on every night.

The corridor floor is painted green so that residents feel like they’re looking out on a golf course as bird-chirp sounds play in the background. This faux scenery is made more real because of the sky ceiling, which has fiber optic lights that can simulate daylight and starlight.

Video Source

According to the video, the CEO of the facility got this game-changing idea after discovering how controlled environments can reduce anxiety and depression in dementia patients. Therefore, he designed the facility to help these patients live in happier times. The attention to detail is impressive – from the artificial plants, calming scents, and paint color. Every part of the design has a therapeutic function that helps boost patients’ quality of life. Overall, this is a great idea that assisted living homes everywhere should implement.

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