Back Pain Relief and Physical Therapy


The human skeleton is unique in the animal kingdom, since it is engineered for a lifetime of bipedal movement. Our ancient ancestors gave up their tree-dwelling, vegetarian lifestyle for a lifetime of running and hunting game, and this results in an S-shaped spine, long and tough leg bones, arched feet, and an upright pelvis. This offers many advantages, but it also means wear and tear, since the spine and legs are acutely fighting gravity for a lifetime. Even today, chronic back pain ranks among the most common back pain in the world, and this is why pain clinics, chiropractor’s offices, and physical therapists are all available to help. Rehab tools and systems such as range of motion testing, dynamometer muscle testing, and algometers can measure a patient’s recovery. Handheld dynamometer muscle testing can do a lot of good at everyone’s convenience, and a physical therapist at a hospital will have handheld dynamometer muscle testing devices on hand. How might this work? And what about spinal pain?

Why Chronic Pain Happens

What is causing these rates of chronic back pain, and how often do Americans experience back issues? The numbers show that around half of all working Americans experience lower back pain symptoms every year, and experts say that as much as 80% of the American population will suffer from chronic pain symptoms at some point in their lives. Similarly, at any given time there are around 31 million Americans dealing with back issues and chronic pain, and one in three women and one in four men may experience this.

Some common causes of all this back pain have been identified. Years of hard manual labor may cause spinal issues and distress from wear and tear, and old age may cause spinal pain as well. A senior citizen has been walking upright for many decades, and gravity has caused their spine to bend forward and compress somewhat, which pinches nerves and muscles and reduces flexibility in joints. Meanwhile, a pregnant woman may experience some spinal distress due to added mass in her body, and someone who suffered sports injuries may experience back pain or spinal distress, too. Some surveyed Americans also blame ongoing stress for their spinal issues. Fortunately, non invasive method can be used to deal with chronic pain and joint problems, as only the most dire medical cases call for surgery.

Rehab and Pain Clinics

Some patients with back pain may end up in the hospital, and they may get physical therapy done to restore their mobility and strength before being released. This can take a variety of forms, but the core idea is to restore that patient’s mobility and balance without surgery, and this may even involve learning to walk again. A patient may undergo some stretch tests, stretching out large elastic bands so that a physical therapist can track that patient’s pain threshold and their flexibility in certain joints. Not only that, but modern tech such as dynamometer muscle testing devices and motion capture cameras can also track the patient’s recovery. Such devices can sense how well a a patient’s joints are moving in various planes, and that can work on their wrists, shoulders, knees, hips, ankles, and even their neck and spine.

Even if someone with back pain does not end up in the hospital, they may still want to consult their private physician or a pain clinic so that they can find some non invasive solutions. In fact, this is the second most common reasons Americans visit their doctors, behind upper respiratory issues. A doctor may refer their patient to a chiropractor, a pain clinic, or even a yoga studio to deal with a stiff back or lower back pain. A chiropractor will use simple adjustment tools and even their bare hands to readjust a patient’s bones and muscles to relieve pressure on muscles, joints, and nerves. This can restore their flexibility as well as reduce pain. Something similar can be done when the patient signs up for private sessions at a yoga studio, where they will perform stretches, bends, and poses that may naturally relieve pressure on joints and nerves to clear up pain. No medicine or surgery will be needed in most cases.

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