Early Signs of Age Related Hearing Loss


Early signs of hearing loss may be difficult to detect. However, it is important to be aware of these early signs as recognizing them could help to prevent further damage. The start of age related hearing loss can be quite subtle. Leaving hearing loss untreated can lead to depression and isolation. In order to treat hearing loss, those struggling should visit a professional audiologist who can perform a hearing evaluation and discuss potential options to help resolve the issue.

Muffled Voices

As you age, parts of your ear can start to wear down. The part of your ear is that is most at risk for this is the inner ear organ known as the cochlea. The cochlea is especially specialized in hearing high pitched noises. This means that if you are around younger children, their voices may sound muffled or distorted. You are just not able to make out what they are saying. This can be an early sign of hearing loss. A hearing doctor will be able to make an assessment and determine if there are any other underlying causes.

Background Noise is Overpowering

When the background noise seemingly starts to overpower the conversation, this can be a sign of early hearing loss due to aging. You may have difficulty focusing your hearing on the conversation of those right in front of you because the bustling city street seems to be louder than their voices. This is especially true if you are having difficulty hearing higher pitched tones. These higher pitched tones are often in voices, rather than background noise. This makes the background noise appear to be more noticeable.

You Get Tired After Listening

As you age, listening can become exhausting especially when you are suffering from hearing loss. Our brain is powerful and complex. When we are experiencing hearing loss, our brain tends to work overtime and fill in the gaps. This can cause those with hearing loss due to aging to become tired after listening for a while or going to a social event. An audiologist may perform an evaluation or hearing test to determine what solutions are available.

For many, hearing loss is part of the aging process. However, a professional audiologist can provide you with a hearing screening and determine a solution to your problem. This could be in the form of hearing aids or a hearing aid device. If you are experiencing issues with your hearing, it is time to get checked.

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