The Basics of Proton Therapy from a Cancer Treatment Center


Are you searching for a better way to have cancer treated? New, advanced cancer treatment options include proton therapy available at a select cancer treatment center. While every cancer treatment center will vary when it comes to treatment options proton therapy sessions are a better way to receive radiation treatment for cancer. A treatment session basically takes fifteen to forty-five minutes. Keep in mind the actual time that is spent delivering protons to tumors is only about a couple of minutes.

In comparison to standard radiation treatments, proton radiation therapy is a technologically advanced radiation treatment method that delivers curative doses of radiation without harming surrounding organs and tissues. Ultimately, it reduces the complications as well as side effects that normally occur with standard radiation treatments.

There Are Many Clinical Advantages to Proton Therapy

When you visit a proton cancer treatment center there are many advantages when it comes to the treatment modality of proton therapy for cancer. Many different types of cancer can be treated using proton treatment including brain cancer, breast cancer, head and neck cancer and prostate cancer to name a few. A cancer treatment center has the staff and physicians ready to offer proton treatment that is less damaging than standard radiation.

A proton cancer treatment center will fully explain treatment options including telling you directly how proton therapy works. A major advantage is how protons deposit energy slowly while traveling toward a cancerous tumor. Due to a unique characteristic referred to as the Bragg Peak, protons deposit a majority of radiation doses directly to a tumor and do not travel further throughout the body.

The results are astounding with more healthy organs and tissues being unaffected by the radiation which reduces side effects and complications that are unwanted. Standard radiation does the exact opposite and deposits a lot of radiation like proton therapy, but standard radiation continues to travel through the body and exits the other side which results in the delivery of radiation to healthy organs and tissues. This is, of course, unwanted. Protons stop once radiation has been deposited in a tumor, whereas x-rays don’t stop.

There are many unique advantages to visiting a cancer treatment center in regards to proton therapy. Proton therapy centers are a great choice since there is potential for less harmful side effects. When you want a direct impact on a cancerous tumor with increased tumor control then treatment options for proton therapy are positive options.

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