The 8 Different Types Of Replacement Sunglass Lenses That You Need To Know Before Buying


If you are looking for Oakley replacement lenses, then there are a few things you should keep in mind. Not every Oakley replacement lens is made equal, and the different colors can have surprising benefits.

Oakley Sunglasses Replacement Lenses And Their Benefits

  • Polarized Lenses. Are perfect for those who spend a lot of time around water or snow. They help reduce glare from the sun, which not only improves clarity, but it can help protect the eye from harmful UV rays.
  • Mirrored Lenses. Mirror coating is avalible in a number of colors, and not only helps reduce glare, but it can help prevent unnessisary eye strain.
  • Gray Tints. Replacement lenses for sunglasses that come in a gray tint are some of the most popular. They can be used on both sunny and cloudy days, while also providing eye fatigue prevention. These can be helpful for reduing the glare from wet roadways or bodies of water, and won’t distort the natural colors of around you. A grey Oakley replacement lens is great for general everyday wear.
  • Brown Tints. A brown Oakley replacment lens specilizes in depth perception. They are not designed for cloudy or low light environments, but in sunny conditions, they are perfect for protecting your eyes while boosting green/blue contrasts. If you frequently go golfing or fishing, these lenses will benefit you.
  • Green Tints. Think of green lenses as doing what brown and grey do, but even better; they are the best of both worlds. Able to relay color better than brown lenses, but capable of working optimally in both bright and low light, these are perfect for any outdoor activities come rain or shine.
  • Yellow Tints. Yellow lens glasses can typically be seen on baseball players, marksmen, and even pilots. This is because a yellow lens allows for better eye focus in low light conditions. These lenses also provide a higher level of clarity and some videogamers take advantage of them for their ability to reduce eye strain from extended time looking at a screen. A yellow Oakley replacement lens also helps filter blue light and can make driving in fog or hazy conditions a little bit easier.
  • Blue Tints. Blue lenses are popular not only because of their UV protection, but because they can improve contours and perception of color. A blue lens can also help reduce glare from snow, which makes them popular among individuals who practice winter sports.
  • Red Tints. Seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses can help increase depth, while helping eyes adjust to different light conditions. A number of people who frequently work on a computer use these glasses due to their ability to filter the blue light from screens and help prevent eye strain. Red tinted glasses are also the best for those hitting the slopes, even more so than blue lenses.

If you are looking for an Oakley replacement lens, consider the options above. It may be best to change the color of both lenses to match your typical use, as opposed to just buying a replacement for what you originally had. This can help optimize your sunglasses so that they are better suited to your unique lifestyle.

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