Visiting a Pain Center or Locating a New Family Doctor


The modern American medical industry is a vast one, and medical care takes a wide variety of forms for any patient suffering from any problem. It may be tempting to think that a hospital is a catch-all treatment site for any medical problem, but this is not really the case. In fact, a hospital and its ER are best reserved for patients with life-threatening conditions or injuries, while urgent care centers or walk in clinics, pain centers, and family doctors are a good option for other levels of medical care. In any case, it is often expensive, time-consuming, and stressful to visit the ER, and going there may be wildly impractical for a minor, everyday illness or wound. Instead, a patient may visit one of the many urgent care clinics found across the United States for quick and affordable care, and someone suffering from chronic pain is urged to visit a pain center. These pain centers may offer treatment or referrals to specialists who can take care of chronic pain. And a family practice physician may be sought out when a family moves to a new city or county.

What a Pain Center Can Do

Why would someone visit a pain center? Pain is one of many different chronic conditions that Americans may suffer, and often, this pain comes from lower back issues, spine problems, pinched nerves, or arthritis. Arthritis is inflammation of the joints that affects many elderly Americans (and elderly cats and dogs, for that matter), and many Americans experience back pain as well. What causes all this pain? Studies show that often, sports injuries may cause back pain from strained muscles or compressed joints, and years of hard manual labor may have a similar effect on a person. What is more, many surveyed Americans blame ongoing and serious stress for their back pain, though pregnancy is also known to cause back pain in women. Simple old age may also cause spinal issues, as many decades walking upright and fighting gravity tends to compress the spine and wear it out.

This is where pain centers can help. Someone suffering from back pain or arthritis may visit their doctor and explain this problem, then get referred to a pain clinic. At such a clinic, the staff can offer some hands-on, non-invasive treatment methods, or they may prescribe a drug regimen to help fight the pain. In other cases, a patient may undergo non invasive, drug-free treatments such as chiropracty or yoga. A chiropractor can use his/he bare hands to readjust a patient’s bones and muscles, and this may relieve pressure on joints and muscles. Many Americans report satisfaction with their chiropractic care and say that they would get it again if needed. Meanwhile, private yoga sessions allow a patient to naturally bend and stretch their muscles and joints to relieve pressure on different joints, muscles, and nerves to erase pain. Doing this may also restore the patient’s arcs of motion and increase their flexibility, too.

Finding a Family Practice

There is more than one type of doctor. Gynecologists specialize in women’s health, pediatricians are trained to care for children and babies, and chiropractors, as mentioned above, deal with joint and muscle pain. Meanwhile, other doctors are more general-purpose, and a family doctor is just that: a doctor who can take on an entire family at once as regular clients. These flexible doctors are trained to handle child, adult, and elderly patients alike, and when a family moves to a new area, they may want to find local family practices in their area.

This search may involve the Internet, where a member of the family may enter relevant queries to find the best-rated local family doctors in the area. Doing this will bring up a whole list of results, and the family may visit those offices to evaluate them.

The adults may consult the doctors and staff who work there, and younger children may get their own impression of the offices and staff. If the family’s medical insurance is accepted there, the doctors’ credentials are solid, and if the child feels comfortable there, the family practice may be a good candidate. Several different offices might be visited until the family finds one that suits their needs.

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