Have You Been Feeling Dizzy Or Nauseous Lately? Visit An Urgent Care Center For An Affordable Check-Up


Your medical options are more flexible than you realize.

It’s understandable to think this isn’t the case. Medical debt is one of the most common form of financial trouble in the United States, after all. Just calling the ambulance can set you back with a bill in the thousands. When you have a minor or moderate health issue that needs tending to quickly, skip the emergency room and visit the closest urgent care center. These locations are designed to be your one-stop location for all things medical.

With a low cost model and plenty of locations to choose from, the urgent care can easily become your most useful medical resource. Here’s what you should know going forward.

Did You Know?

It can help to know what everyone else is up against. The average child today will catch between six to 10 colds per year, with Americans coming down with a collective one billion. Five out of six children will also have at least one ear infection before they turn three. With not just illnesses to contend with, up to 25,000 Americans will suffer from an ankle sprain every day. When your health issues are starting to overwhelm your mind and your wallet, urgent care costs are ready to help.

The Growing Popularity Of Urgent Care Centers

It’s not surprising why urgent care centers are turning into the preferred medical resource for Americans. They provide a wide range of medical care resources in one convenient location, right alongside a low cost model. The 2015 fiscal year saw urgent care centers seeing an average of nearly 12,000 patients — that’s as many as three patient visits every hour! The Urgent Care Association has gone out to state three million patients will visit these clinics every week. If you’ve never gone to one yourself, make this the year you try out this efficient resource.

Common Misconceptions About The Emergency Room

Every medical resource has its own time and place. Your regular doctor is ideal for ongoing health issues and chronic pain, while the emergency room is for life-threatening conditions. Many Americans, unfortunately, will confuse the ER for an all-in-one…to the detriment of their funding. A private study conducted by Milliman found between 45% to 65% of ER visits could have been taken to an urgent care center. Not only will you get the same treatment, you’ll receive a much lower bill.

Which Illnesses An Urgent Care Center Can Treat

What should you expect when you visit an urgent care nearby? Several minor to moderate illnesses can be treated or referred to a specialist, depending. Dizziness remains the second most common complaint heard in a doctor’s office, occurring in 70% of the nation’s population at any given point in time. Fevers, the flu, the common cold, bronchitis, and nausea are a few of the problems you can bring to an urgent care center’s attention. If you’re not sure about the source of your pain, a skilled nurse will give you a physical.

Which Injuries Can Be Seen At An Urgent Care Clinic

Alongside illnesses, your injuries will be treated as quickly and efficiently as possible. For starters, four out of five urgent care centers in the United States provide fracture care. Wound repair, burn treatment, and stitches are also extremely common issues seen nearly every day. According to a recent study, more than one-quarter of American patients reported they had visited an urgent care center in 2016. This number will only grow higher as more adults seek out an affordable model.

Enjoy flexible medical care with a low cost. Visit your local pediatric urgent care next time you’re worried about your family’s health.

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