Strength Training Is a Popular Option for People of All Ages


When your three year old asks for apple peach pie, completely out of the blue, you decided to make it with him. Even though you had never made it before in your life, you knew how important it was to take advantage of these times at home with him while his tow older brothers were at school.
Your youngest son loves helping in the kitchen and you love spending time with him in this way. Unfortunately, one of your first thoughts was, “Oh no! If I make that, I’m going to want to eat it! And I haven’t had any food off my plan in three days.” You have been proud of the fact that you are totally committed to following your portion control nutrition plan for 30 straight days.

Luckily, you remembered what your personal training coach has said time and tome again. This fitness, weight training, and diet plan is not about crazy restrictions. It is really about controlling your portions. This means you can substitute one of your containers two to three times each week for a treat. Refocusing, you skipped your afternoon popcorn and instead ate a slice of pie with your three boys after school.

A Combination of Balance, Moderation, and Healthy Choices Can Help You Enjoy your Life
It may have been only six weeks or as long as six months, but any decision to work with a personal training team is the first step in taking control of your eating and exercising plans. In fact, the decision to live a healthier life often begins with an organized plan. Whether you are considering weight training for seniors as a way to prepare for an upcoming group trip or you are concentrating on slow motion strength training after an injury, you will often get the results that you want if you are working with a personal fitness training team.

Did you know that even losing as much as 5% to 10% of your weight has proven to lower your chance of developing heart disease? This means that making the decision to meet with a fitness expert can help you get the start that you need to a healthy life. Fortunately, when you make the decision to work on being your healthiest self you are not alone. In fact, according to a Nielsen Global Consumer Exercise Trends Survey, 45% of millennials exercise regularly. Are you ready to join this group, allowing yourself the chance to share in a special treat, even a piece of apple peach pie, every now and then. With the use of portion controls and the advice of a personal training self you can enjoy a few treats every now and then and still reach your fitness goals.

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