Where Do You Find Your Fitness Motivation?


Do you needs a little serving of sunshine today?
As many parts of the country brace for another round of winter weather there are parts of the north and north east that will be facing lots of snow, while the plains states prepare for wind gusts from 50 to 100 miles an hour. If you find yourself on this, or any Monday, struggling to get motivated on another day of no sunshine, an early visit to the gym might be the perfect solution.

In fact, while it is liberating to live free from depending on outside circumstances to determine your mood or happiness or productivity, sunshine is a happy, clear, and energetic force. Unfortunately, during the winter months it is not always there for you. Fortunately, you can make yourself sunny wherever you live by choosing your attitude. Gratitude will clear up your gray mood faster than real vitamin D, and few things make a person more grateful than knowing they have a body that can get in a good work out, even at the start of the worst weather days.

Strength Training Classes and Other Fitness Options Provide Healthy Routines to Start Your Day
Whether you are someone who likes to exercise alone or you find your motivation in working out with a crowd, it is important to know that you can find nearly any fitness class that you want any time of the day or any day of the week. By going to a local gym for a late evening barbell class or by taking an early morning run before the expected wind gusts begin, there are plenty of ways to stay fit, which in turn leads to leading a more motivated life.

One of the latest trends in fitness is high-intensity interval training (HIIT), workouts that generally last about 30 minutes. In this short amount of time, however, participants raise their heart rate, tone their bodies, and strengthen their cores. As the first of February looms closer and closer, it is important to realize that this may indeed be the month where you can be determined to add a little sunshine to your day, even in the middle of winter. If you want to avoid being one of the 80% of people who do not keep their New Year’s resolution in 2019, today is the day that you need to drag yourself out of bed and get to the gym!

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