Follow These 4 Steps to Enter Depression Studies


Statistics found that research for the pharmaceutical industry reached a sum of $149.8 billion during 2017. Considering that, large amounts of pharmaceutical research continues to be conducted on depression medications. It’s understandable to want to participate in depression studies in your area. In addition to helping advance research of this mental condition, many of these studies will pay you for your participation. Considering that, here are the four main steps needed to take part in paid depression studies.

  1. Finding Depression Studies Near You

    The first step in this process is to find depression studies that are taking place near your location. You’ll typically find these studies categorized into different phases. Clinical research organizations in USA often need participants for studies throughout the year. For instance, you might find vacancies available for trials in later phases. For instance, phase 3 and 4 trials can often need hundreds of people. Phase 1 clinical trials might be harder to enter as these tend to involve fewer amounts of people.
  2. Filling Out an Application

    Clinical research organizations in USA will need you to fill out the required paperwork before being accepted into a clinical trial. You’ll likely know what to expect from these applications. It’s important that you are as honest as possible while filling out your applications, especially in regards to any other medications you’re taking.
  3. Meeting Eligibility Requirements

    Statistics gathered from the European Pharmaceutical Review in 2015 found that only 56 of all pharmaceutical compounds were able to be released as new medicines. Likewise, those administering clinical trials are only allowed to accept certain individuals. If you aren’t chosen for a clinical trial, it’s important not to feel dejected. Considering that vast amounts of clinical research organizations in USA, there are usually always trials being conducted.
  4. Beginning the Trial

    After you and others have met the requirements, clinical trials can begin. It’s understandable to wonder how long clinical trails last. That being said, the length of trials will vary. One clinical trial could take a matter of days while others could last for decades. However, you’ll be able to know more about the length of any paid depression studies before agreeing to participate in them.

In conclusion, there are several steps that go into qualifying for paid depression studies. You’ll first want to find out which areas near you are accepting applications for test patients. Pharmaceutical companies often have strict requirements that must be met during testing phases. In turn, you’ll need to meet the eligibility requirements for these trials. Participating in these trials helps the medical community learn more about depression while you’re able to receive financial compensation.

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