4 Ways to Keep Autoclaves in Optimal Condition


Throughout the United States, tattoos are incredibly popular. In fact, statistics show that there are nearly 21,000 tattoo parlors located throughout the United States. With that in mind, it’s essential that these businesses utilize sterilized instruments. To sterilize instruments, many use an autoclave. This device provides blasts of steam that are designed to sterilize instruments needed to create tattoos. With that in mind, here are four tips to keep your autoclaves in optimal condition.

  • Avoid Overloading the Trays

    It’s understandable that you might be faced with situations where many instruments need to be sterilized. However, you’ll want to remember that these trays only hold so many instruments at once for a reason. This allows each instrument to receive enough space to become fully sanitized and dried. Therefore, filling your autoclave with too many instruments can mean these never become completely sanitary. If you’re tired of waiting for this device to become ready, consider finding refurbished autoclaves for sale. Many tattoo parlors find that purchasing a few refurbished autoclaves for sale can drastically speed up sterilization times.
  • Regularly Clean Your Autoclaves

    This might seem like an obvious tip. However, there are several accidental mistakes you can make while cleaning your autoclave. Cleaning this device the wrong way could mean you’ll need to contact autoclave repair services. Considering that, it’s important that you never use steel wool or brushes to clean these devices. In addition, you’ll want to use a special solution made for cleaning autoclaves. Never use bleach to clean these devices. Consider keeping an autoclave cleaning log to ensure that this device is regularly cleaned.
  • Always Use Distilled Water While Filling

    Autoclaves must have water in order to generate steam used for sterilization purposes. That being said, it’s important that this water is distilled. While it might seem easier or more convenient, tap water often contains small amounts of sediment and minerals. This not only affects how well instruments are sterilized, it also wears down your autoclave faster. As hard tap water leaves build up in pipes, it will do the same thing to the components that make up an autoclave.
  • Ensure Autoclaves Receive Professional Maintenance Checks

    Statistics show that nearly 45 million people living in the United States have at least one tattoo. Considering that, you’ll likely find that your autoclaves are being used quite frequently. Therefore, it’s important to have your tattoo autoclave sterilizers sent in for professional maintenance work. During this time, your autoclaves will be inspected, tested, calibrated to ensure they are in optimal condition.

In conclusion, there are several important ways to ensure that your autoclave remains in the best condition possible. There are two main reasons that an autoclave will stop working properly. This most often occurs due to either operator error or a lack of proper maintenance. Whether you’ve purchased refurbished autoclaves for sale or bought these items new, it’s important that they remain professionally maintained. In turn, you’ll save yourself a lot of money and stress associated with having to completely replace broken autoclaves.

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