The Benefits Of Choosing a FUE Hair Transplant Procedure


Balding is common among men of any age, though it becomes more likely as men get older. However, there are ways to combat this balding in a permanent manner with no supplements, no toupes, and nothing that has been untested or unproven. Hair transplants have been around for decades, but a traditional hair transplant, what we all think of when we think of the outcome of a hair transplant can be cost intensive, time intensive, and not all that realistic looking. Fortunately, FUE hair transplant cost, though by some may be considered expensive, is well worth the investment.

A FUE hair transplant – FUE standing for follicular unit extraction – is an alternative to the traditional FUSS (follicular unit strip surgery). A FUE hair transplant cost is considered to be relatively low because of the benefits of seeking out a FUE hair transplant versus a FUSS hair transplant.

A FUSS hair transplant involves taking a strip of the scalp that is still growing hair well and then transplanting this strip to an area where balding is pronounced. A FUSS hair transplant has a higher risk for complications, as it has a considerably longer healing process than a FUE hair transplant and always leaves a prominent scar on the back of the head where the strip of skin and hair was removed, preventing men who have had a FUSS procedure from keeping their hair short enough that the scar would be visible. A FUSS hair transplant surgery also limits the ability to harvest future hair follicles from the site in the event of continued balding.

A hair transplant clinic will often recommend a FUE procedure instead, even with the FUE hair transplant cost. There are many benefits to choosing a FUE hair transplant procedure, as it is considerably less invasive than the FUSS hair transplant procedure. A FUE hair transplant procedure works by taking naturally occurring groups of three or four hairs and transplanting them in the balding area. The reduces the necessity to leave behind a prominent scar, as well as shortening the recovery time after a hair transplant procedure by a considerable margin. In fact, FUE hair transplant patients are able to fully recover in as little as a few weeks. Because they are not left with a scar to the degree of the scar left behind by a FUSS procedure, FUE patients have more freedom over the length of their hair, and are able to keep it short if they so choose.

For many of the balding men in the United States, the FUE hair transplant cost is well worth it. Even with the FUE hair transplant cost, the FUE method of hair transplant is far superior than the FUSS method, ideal for many men in different stages of losing their hair. And hair loss in men is certainly not uncommon, with as many as thirty five million men in the process of losing hair and balding throughout the United States alone. In fact, by the time that they reach middle age, the vast majority of men will have begun to lose their hair, more than eighty percent by the age of fifty. For many of these such men, a FUE transplant can give back the confidence that a full head of hair provides with a minimal healing time. The FUE hair transplant cost is well worth it for the quality of the transplant, the lack of a scar, and the often long lasting results. Though a FUSS hair transplant is still an option, it is quickly becoming the less popular one.

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