How Does Aging Affect Your Skin?


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Like everything else, our skin changes with age, and needs more care and attention. Some changes like wrinkles and fine lines and thinner skin are part of the aging process. Others are due to extrinsic factors like smoking, using tanning lamps and not using sunscreen. However, it’s never too late to begin taking care of your skin. A healthy lifestyle, a regular skincare regime and occasional pampering can all make a visible difference. Occasional dermatology treatments can be both refreshing and rejuvenating. Aesthetician services can introduce you to new products and treatments that suit your skin and lifestyle.

Protect your skin
When you’re younger, your skin renews itself every 28 days. As we age, it needs a little more help to avoid signs of premature aging. Moisturizing and using broad spectrum sunscreen are best practices that should be continued at any age. Dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen with SPF 30. Too much direct exposure carries a risk of skin cancer. As many as 20% of all Americans are estimated to be at risk of getting skin cancer.

Regular cleansing gets rid of dirt and impurities like pollution and sweat. An exfoliating cleanser can be used occasionally, but in general facial skin should not be scrubbed hard, as that causes irritation. It’s also important to evaluate your lifestyle to eliminate factors that affect your skin and your overall health. Smoking and excessive drinking can both have harmful effects that will be most immediately visible on facial skin. Tanning lamps and beds should be avoided, as they expose you to ultraviolet rays, which have been linked to skin cancer.

Live a healthy lifestyle
A healthy diet, exercise and sufficient sleep are the basis for overall well-being. They’re also the secret ingredient for anyone who wants healthier skin. As people age, it’s important to follow these simple prescriptions to avoid signs of premature aging. Staying hydrated, eating enough veggies and fruits every day, and avoiding excessive sugar can all help to keep the skin looking healthy and supple.
Exercise is one of the best ways of getting that healthful glow. It improves blood circulation, helps the body get rid of impurities by sweating, and generally produces a feeling of well being. Many people feel that that they don’t have the time to exercise, or they have trouble following a rigorous routine and simply drop out. But as people get older, the adage “use it or lose it” is ever more relevant. Exercise doesn’t have to mean an hour-long, CrossFit routine, though that can be fun too. Simple stretches, aerobic routines, and walks can all be added to a typical day.

Choosing the right products
The right beauty products that are compatible with your skin and bodily make up can be the key to a regular beauty routine. If any beauty product produces a burning or singing sensation, you should stop using it immediately. Occasionally, dermatology treatments like chemical peels and scrubs can help to clear away accumulated debits and reveal the fresh and healthy skin underneath.
Most aestheticians advise that finding the right moisturizer, sunscreen, cleanser, and toner can all be a matter of patience and experimentation. Usually it will be evident after a couple of weeks at most if a product is having the desired effect in producing skin that is more supple and firm, or reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Cosmetic dermatology treatments can be carried out at home as well. Professional aesthetician services can introduce you to new treatments that you can continue.

And finally, one last piece of beauty and wellness advice, appropriate for any age, is to pamper yourself. Taking time out to care for yourself, your skin and your well being can do wonders for your appearance. A visit to the spa, dermatology treatments, a long, relaxing soak in the bath, and a good night’s sleep can all make you feel relaxed and refreshed. Feeling comfortable in your skin is beautiful at any age.

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