Need a Ramp Installed? Find the Right Person for the Job with These 5 Tips


Wheelchair-accessible vehicle

There are more than 63 million people in the United States who have a disability. The most common forms of disability in the country are those that impact a person’s mobility. As a consequence, more than 6.8 million people use some sort of device to get around. As helpful as these devices are, many people need to modify their homes to be able to use them in the house. Many people need to have all-weather ramps installed and make other modifications. If you are looking to add a handicap accessible bathroom or have a stair lift installation done, you may not know where to go for help. Here are some tips for finding the right person or company to do the job for you:

  1. Talk to the people you know. If you know people who own their own home, you probably know someone who has had some work done around their place. Even if they did not have an all-weather ramp put in, the contractor they used for their remodeling job may be able to help you. The best way to get decent goods and services is to get a personal recommendation from someone you know and trust. Even if you do not use the person or company they used, this can get you started with a list of people and companies to check out.
  2. Get your questions ready and make some calls. Once you have a few names to check, put together your questions start calling. Some companies will put together estimates based on what you email them but it is good to actually talk to them. If a company is not willing to take the time to answer your questions before you hire them, the chances are good that they are not going to be any better about that after you hire them. Here are some questions you should ask:
    • Can you do a job of this size? While getting an all-weather ramp put in or putting in bathroom grab bars may be a big job for you, it may be a small project for the contracting company. You still want the work you need to be done to be a priority.
    • Can I talk to references? Many companies and contractors have testimonials on their website but they can be fake and they do not tell you all that you need to know.
    • How many different projects do you have going right now? You want a good company but if they are too busy, you may have to keep looking.
    • How do you find your people and what is your turnover like? A lot of companies that handle home renovations hire subcontractors or have a full-time staff. Happy workers do a better job so you want to go with a company that treats its people well and has little in the way of turnover.
  3. Get several estimates in writing. When you are looking to have an all-weather ramp put in or need anything done around your home, you are better served when you talk to at least three companies to get estimates. When you get it all in writing, you do yourself several favors. In the first place, it is easier to compare them. Secondly, this will cut down on the chances that you will be hit with extra charges or hidden fees.
  4. Do not let price dictate your decision. Everyone wants to get a good deal but the lowest price on a home remodel job may cost you more in the long run. At the same time, the most expensive contractor may not do the best job. Price should be a factor but not the only thing you look at when hiring someone to do work around your home.
  5. Look them up online. You can check the Better Business Bureau and do a simple Google search to get feedback and comments from people who hired them. Many cities and towns have Facebook groups and pages set up to promote local businesses so you can ask there if they know the company you want to hire.

It can take work but the time is well spent when you get the right person to work on your home.

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