Here’s What Can Happen When You Order Urinary Bag Supplies Online


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Are you one of millions of Americans that use medical supplies such as urinary bag supplies and urinary catheters? Or perhaps you have a loved one that uses medical devices or supplies to stay healthy. If so, then you may want to consider the benefits of ordering care items from a medical supply store online.

Here’s what can happen when you order urinary bag supplies and other care items online!

Increased confidentiality

Regulatory practices such as HIPAA exist in order to protect a patient’s privacy. For many patients, the circumstances of their medical condition are very personal, and they may feel uncomfortable buying the essential care items they need such as urinary bag supplies in a traditional setting. Online medical supply stores go above and beyond to protect the privacy and dignity of their customers, and often times the exact contents of an order are kept completely confidential during both checkout and delivery. Sensitive items such as urinary bag supplies can be delivered directly the patient’s home in an unmarked box.

The best customer service ever

For traditional brick-and-mortar retailers of medical supplies, customer service can be a challenge. It can be difficult to fully staff these stores with employees that have expert knowledge in the use of specialized medical items such urinary bag supplies or other devices. Furthermore, some patients may feel uncomfortable discussing such sensitive and private information about their medical condition in person. Online medical suppliers make it easy for customers to anonymously speak with staff that have expert knowledge about the medical supplies they need.

Less out of pocket cost

Did you know that some health insurance plans cover the cost of medical care items such as urinary bag supplies? Unfortunately, many brick-and-mortar medical supplies stores are unable to process insurance claims because they lack partnership with the state or health insurance providers. That means products that medical supplies that would otherwise be covered by a health insurance plan must be paid for out of pocket. This can become a major expense for people with eligible health benefits. Online medical supply stores are usually able to process health insurance claims, which allows patients to access the supplies they need for less.

Convenient, reliable delivery

Online shopping is far more convenient than having to run an errand, especially for patients with limited mobility. Most online medical suppliers allow customers to make a recurring monthly order, which means they will never run out or low on the critical supplies they need. It’s a completely hassle free way of receiving medical supplies. And because online medical suppliers use distribution warehouses to service their customers, products are rarely if ever out of stock.

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