How to Have a Broken Bone Treated


Broken bones are extremely painful. So when you have a broken bone, your mind might not be able to think as clearly as usual through the pain. If you have an urgent care near you, you should ask do urgent cares do casts? If your local answer to “does urgent care fix broken bones?” is yes, then go to your local urgent care and get it taken care of. Otherwise, go to the hospital. Wherever you go, they will set the broken bone and give you aftercare instructions. They’ll be able to tell you the bone healing time fracture, as well as answer questions about whether can you have a broken ankle and not know it or do bones get stronger after they break? Regardless of what they tell you, be sure to listen to the experts and follow their instructions. Taking care of your broken bone can help you heal faster and with less long-term damage to your body. So if you think you have a broken bone, go to the doctor, get it set, and do what they tell you to do.

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Many people have been fortunate enough to never experience a broken bone. It’s understandable to wonder what the signs are and what to do when a bone breaks. Statistics show that nearly 6 million people in the United States break a bone each year. Here is helpful information about spotting a broken bone and where to go to seek medical care.

Common Signs You’ve Broken a Bone

You might not know that there are multiple types of breaks that can occur within the body. There are degrees of severity to which a bone can break. Less severe fractures won’t be as painful but may still swell. Severe fractures are likely to be more painful with pronounced swelling. In addition, severe breaks may cause the broken bone to protrude through the skin.

Immediate Treatment Before Seeking Medical Care

It’s important that a broken bone, no matter how light in severity, is never moved. You don’t want to agitate a break, it’s best to keep it in place with a temporary splint. A splint is something that can hold a broken body part in place to not further move the agitated limb. After the part is held in place, you can use an ice pack to help reduce swelling. It’s imperative you get to a medical facility to receive proper treatment.

Medical Treatment for Broken Bones

Most experts agree that broken bones where skin protrudes should be treated within emergency services. There is a huge risk of infection if a protruding bone is not treated right away. It’s likely that a protruding bone is going to cause more pain, making immediate care vital. Not everyone knows that broken bones can be treated at an urgent care clinic. Statistics from the Urgent Care Association of America show that 3 million people visit urgent care facilities each week. You’ll still be able to have less severe breaks treated at an urgent care location. A typical care plan will involve you having x rays done in order to further assess the break. You’ll receive an immediate cast and may need to come back to receive a more permanent cast. It’s likely you’ll have another exam at a walk in clinic of your choosing to assess that the break is fully healed.

In summary, a broken bone is something that many people experience each year. A bone break can range in terms of severity. More severe breaks may cause a bone to protrude through the skin. Less severe breaks will still require medical treatment. If a break causes a bone to protrude, you’ll want to seek emergency room treatment. Many people love going to an urgent care facility because these places are open seven days per week. Statistics show that 85% of urgent care locations are open each day of the week. You’ll typically receive a series of x rays and casts. A cast is used to help ensure that bones fuse back together.

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