Four Signs for Men Who Might Have Low Testosterone


Muscle loss

Right now in the United States, there are roughly 13 million men dealing with low testosterone and the effects of the condition. If you are a man over the age of 45, you automatically fall into a category of men where four out of every ten of you has a lower testosterone level than should be the case.

The human body produces testosterone and it is mainly produced in men by the testicles. A man’s appearance and sexual development are affected by testosterone and the building of muscle mass and bone mass can be affected by low testosterone levels.

Muscle loss, weight gain and other problems such as hair loss can be blamed on low testosterone levels. Low treatment options can help restore the hormone loss and correct this hormone imbalance. Here are four big signs that you might need to get your levels checked for low testosterone causes.

1.) Low sex drive

This might seem like the catch-all indication that most companies want to point to for any problems a man might have, but it is truly something to watch out for, especially if you notice a sharp change in your own sex drive. If it has diminished significantly for what might seem like no real reason, Low T therapy might be something you should discuss with your doctor. As far as low testosterone causes go, this is the most obvious of effects.

2.) Hair loss

While balding is a natural occurrence for many men, it is often the result of low testosterone levels. Low testosterone causes men to lose their hair not only on their heads but also on their faces and bodies as well. If you have been experiencing hair loss at a more rapid pace than you think should be normal for you, ask some questions.

3.) Fatigue

Men with low testosterone levels have reported experiencing extreme fatigue and a decrease in energy levels in their everyday life, often for no apparent reason. If you are getting plenty of sleep and yet still feel tired all of the time, you might need to check your levels.

4.) Mood changes

Men who have low T will often experience changes in their mood. Many times, these mood changes can be rather dramatic. Depression, irritability, lack of focus, or simply sudden changes in mood can all be possibilities of low T levels. About 90% of men never receive treatment for low testosterone because they chalk these symptoms up to getting older or just think that they need to suck it up and deal with life.

The reality is, low testosterone causes many symptoms that we leave untreated. A better life awaits if you want it.

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