Overcoming Common Sleep Apnea Machine Side Effects


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It is estimated that about 18 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea, whether it’s an obstructive or central sleep apnea. This is a serious and common sleep disorder that without proper treatment, the likelihood of getting heart-related conditions is very high. After being diagnosed with an obstructive sleep apnea, you’ll be prescribed to use continuous positive airway pressure machine to help treat and manage the disorder.

The CPAP therapy is effective and relatively safe, with many sufferers affirming that the treatment has enabled them to lead a more productive life. Some of the positive sleep apnea machine side effects include restful sleep, increased energy levels, less fatigue, less daytime sleepiness, increased concentration and enhanced relationships. However, as much as CPAP machines have proved to be effective in treating sleep apnea, there have been several negative side effects reported. The most common being nasal congestion, nose irritation, fatigue, bloating and headaches. The good thing is that these issues can be managed through proper administration of CPAP machine but first, you need to know the potential side effects caused by this treatment.

Here are possible sleep apnea machine side effects and effective ways you can help to control them.

Claustrophobia and red marks
Since it’s not usual to sleep with tubes hanging above you and a mask on your face, it’s normal to feel uncomfortable. The only way to get used to a CPAP mask or a pillow is by wearing it until you can stand it. Eventually, you’ll find it less disturbing in your sleep. However, the issue may not be on the application of the mask, but rather its style and size.

Choosing the wrong CPAP mask that doesn’t fit well means that you’ll have uncomfortable sleep nights as well as red marks. Therefore, it’s important you talk with your doctor who’ll help you choose the right mask. In addition to finding the best CPAP mask, doctors recommend that you start using it before bedtime so as to get used to it. Also, establish a perfect adjustment where the mask is not too tight nor too loose.

Headaches and mingraines
Another sleep apnea machine side effects is a headache. Although using a CPAP machine is not a direct cause of headaches and other head pressures, it can worsen the condition if you experiencing fever, cold or flu. Having a cold means that some part of your sinus system will be blocked, causing an irregular flow of pressure between the sinus cavities. This is what results in headaches. Doctors advise you cease using a CPAP machine until the symptoms of flu clear out. You can either use over the counter medications or use a heated humidifier to open up sinus systems for smooth and regular pressure.

Dry Mouth and Nose
If you sleep with your mouth open, it’s possible to develop dry mouths. Similarly, some CPAP devices may cause your nose to dry out due to lack of sufficient humidification. To avoid having a dry nose mouth, you can use a CPAP heated humidifier that ensures the air through a CPAP machine is well moisturized. Also, having a full face mask may help you avoid dry mouths and nose as it covers both the nose and mouth. But if you are using a humidifier and you are still experiencing dry nose, try nose lubricants.

While these sleep apnea machine side effects may be the most prevalent among sufferers. Other associated side effects may include face breaking, congestion, sores and belly bloating. But if you consult with a doctor every now and then, you can be able to overcome some of these issues while enjoying your therapy sessions.

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