Two Most Popular Anti-Ageing Aesthetic Procedure for Women


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As the years go by, you can expect to experience certain changes in your body. Although some of these changes seem normal as they come naturally, they are often frustrating especially for people who are more conscious about their looks. Aging has an effect in different parts of the body, yet the most visible signs are seen on the skin, particularly the face. Unlike most women who feel insecure when their faces start to form wrinkles, men are rarely disturbed with this change on their skin. For this reason, a great number of women have resolved to find a treatment that can restore back their smooth and beautiful faces.

There are array of medical procedures and products for aging skin ranging from the most complex cosmetic surgery to the use of anti-aging creams. Depending on your personal aesthetic goals, you can undergo any form of cosmetic procedure, but it’s also important you talk with a physician and get to know which options are available for you. Cosmetic surgery is still among the popular anti-aging procedure used by many people, especially women. This treatment delivers great results in lifting skin and giving patients a youthful look, however, it’s relatively expensive and complicated than other aesthetic procedures such as botox injections and microneedling.

These two minimally invasive cosmetic procedures have gained popularity in the cosmetic industry over the years. They yield excellent long term results with very minimum effort. Botox injections similar to Dysport, and microneedling procedure can be administered separately or a combination of both. If you are not sure what suits you, your doctor can advise on the best treatment to take. The following information will enlighten you on the two most effective aesthetic procedure; Dysport and microneedling.

Also referred to as collagen induction therapy, microneedling is a procedure that uses super tiny needles to create mico-punctures on the superficial layer of skin. The same way your body heals large wounds is the same way the tiny wounds gets treated. This treatment triggers the production of collagen by the fibroblasts in the body to replace the wounded skin. Collagen is a special kind of protein normally found in body muscles, skin, bones and blood vessels, and it’s known to offer the skin strength and elasticity.

Microneedling treatment is administered using a small, portable paint roller fitted with tiny needles. This slightly invasive and painless procedure helps the body to prevent and reverse the normal aging process. In addition, healing of the wounds will cause the skin to thicken and boost its texture eventually. Apart from the face, microneedling can also be applied in other body parts like chest, butt or legs. Basically, it can be used on any part of the skin that needs thickening.

Botox Injections
For wrinkles that haven’t fully matured, this is the most effective treatment to use. There are two types of wrinkles; fine surface lines that result from UV light, and deep furrows, often caused by muscle contraction. These visible signs of aging are very common for women above 35 years, and Botox is perhaps most effective aesthetic procedure to counter wrinkles.

Botox treatment involves the injection of botulinum toxins in the underlying muscle of the skin. The toxins then paralyze the muscles reducing its mobility, smoothening the appearance of wrinkles and frown lines. Botulinum is a toxic element normally causes food poisoning, however, it has no effect when used to treat wrinkles, provided it’s used properly. In addition, botox injections are also used to treat other medical conditions such as excessive sweating, lazy eye, overactive bladder, and repetitive neck spasms.

Looking at how microneedling and Botox injections work, it’s safe to say they are both effective and safe to treat different types of skins.

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