Over 8% Of American Adults Have Chronic Hip Pain What You Can Do About It



It’s easy to feel like your life has been thrown in shambles after an injury. You don’t just have medical bills to pay (and those are plenty stressful). You also have to miss out on work, school and hanging out with friends. On top of therapy? Well…let’s just say it’s reasonable to want a little help. If you’ve been in an accident that’s caused you knee pain or you’re worried you could be developing a form of arthritis, look into physical therapy services.

These are designed from the ground up to give you the tools you need to, proverbially and literally, get back on your feet again.

Chronic pain affects most people in the United States. What kind? According to ongoing studies provided by extensive research groups that focus on physical therapy and chronic issues, knee pain is actually the second most common source of ongoing pain. This follows close behind neck pain, shoulder pain and lower back pain. If you find yourself falling into any of these camps, a physical exam may be in your future.

Over 30 million Americans will experience some form of lower back pain at any given time. This can manifest as minor aches and pains throughout the week or severe spasms that make even basic tasks very difficult. Where does upper and lower back pain come from? Some people develop this chronic issue from constant standing or lifting heavy objects at work. Others experience pain that comes with age. Wherever you fall on the pain scale, Lake Sammamish physical therapy or Issaquah physical therapy can help.

Hip pain and knee pain aren’t the only forms out there, however. Arthritis is a silent terror that strikes many American adults and affects their day-to-day life with characteristic stiffness, aching and lancing pain. Osteoarthritis (shortened to OA in some circles) is considered the most common form of arthritis. It is a degenerative joint disease that most frequently crops up in the hips, knees and hands. While you should see a physical therapist as soon as possible, there are methods you can take to reduce your pain.

If you sit or stand for long periods of time it’s essential you become comfortable with stretching exercises. This increases blood flow to the surrounding muscles and loosens up stiff ligaments. For those that do repetitive hand movements, such as signing or typing, wrist braces can help with reducing aches and heating pads are prime for tackling chronic pain. Chronic pain that goes on for more than three months, though? A doctor visit is in order.

You don’t have to live with chronic pain. OA affects over 30 million American adults as we know it and, according to studies provided by the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (the CDC) hip pain affects up to 8% of the adult American population. A physical therapist can source your pain and give you the necessary tools to reduce stiffness, burning, aching and shaking. These include, but are not limited to, massages, stretching and potential surgery for extreme cases.

Get your life back in order. Contact a physical therapist and see how they can get you started on some serious relief.

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