Four Reasons to Consider Proton Therapy for Brain Cancer


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There are many areas of the body where cancer can strike. One of the most sensitive areas is the brain. Many patients have a hard time finding the right head and neck cancer treatment method. One of the most beneficial cancer treatment methods is through using proton therapy. RNCOS released data that shows the United States will be home to nearly 27 proton treatment centers by 2017. In this post, you will learn four benefits of proton therapy for brain cancer treatment.

  1. Perfect Treatment for Sensitive Areas

    The brain is one of the most sensitive organs in the body. A brain is sensitive to damage involving surgeries and trauma. It makes sense to consider proton therapy, especially when fighting brain cancer. Many patients want to choose any option for brain cancer treatment that doesn’t involve surgery. Proton therapy for brain cancer does not require any surgical instruments used on the brain.
  2. Non Invasive Treatment

    Research shows that the average proton treatment session takes between 15 to 45 minutes. The actual time that proton rays are used on a patient is only a couple of minutes. Traditional brain cancer surgeries may take several hours. It’s understandable for a patient to want to utilize a treatment option that is relatively quick.
  3. Reduced Side Effects After Treatment

    Certain cancer treatment methods are known for their side effects. The last thing you want to deal with after treatment is more discomfort. Proton therapy is often preferred because it doesn’t have severe side effects. Surgeries can sometimes take a while to recover from. It’s common for patients to need days, if not weeks, to fully recover from surgery.
  4. Effective at Fighting Cancerous Cells

    It’s understandable to wonder if proton therapy for cancer is effective. Fortunately, many studies show that proton therapy is an effective cancer treatment method. Proton therapy for cancer has become very popular with over 67,000 people being treated around the world. Proton therapy for head and neck cancer is often used where this disease has become aggressive.

In summary, proton therapy for cancer has grown in popularity. One area where cancer can occur is within the brain. Fighting brain cancer involves using effective treatment methods with minimal risks. Proton therapy for cancer is a treatment that is noninvasive with minimal side effects. The brain is an area where sensitivity is a must. Proton therapy for cancer works well to only target cancerous cells.

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