Five Ways to Reduce Sweating Excessively


What can you use to stop sweating under your arms

No one wants to deal with excessive sweating armpits. The average person has a range of 2 to 4 million sweat glands in the body. Certain conditions are known to cause more sweating to occur than others. One reason armpit sweat is such a burden for many people is that it is hard to hide. Raising your arms slightly shows the world sweaty and stained armpit areas of a shirt. Learning how to control underarm sweat will help avoid future embarrassment. In this post, you will learn five tips to reduce sweaty armpits.

  • Avoid Certain Foods: The most common type of foods that cause sweating are spicy foods. Consuming spicy foods causes your body temperature to raise. In turn, an increased body temperature causes you to produce more sweat. However, spicy food isn’t the only kind of food known to increase sweat production. Processed food is another one you will want to avoid to reduce sweating. Foods that are highly processed are harder for the body to properly digest.
  • Use the Right Antiperspirant: If you can’t resist some of the previously mentioned foods, you might want to try a better antiperspirant. Not all antiperspirants are created equal. Using an antiperspirant that doesn’t work well means you will continue to sweat. You have to find an antiperspirant like DuraDry. Using DuraDry means having an antiperspirant that is extremely strong and uses ingredients other competitors simply aren’t using. Finding the right underarm sweat treatment ensures your clothes stay nice and dry.
  • Don’t Apply Antiperspirant Right After Showering: It seems like second nature to apply antiperspirant when exiting the shower. However, applying any kind of antiperspirant to wet skin can cause it to run off almost immediately. It is wise to wait at least 20 minutes after showering before applying your antiperspirant. It is recommended that you apply your antiperspirant at night. It might sound odd for this time to be best for antiperspirant application. However, applying before bed gives ingredients proper time to form the strongest sweat stoppage possible.
  • Lower Stress Levels: It is hard for anyone to entirely avoid stress. However, there are ways that you can reduce the effects of stress in your life. One common way to reduce stress is to begin meditation. In many cases, meditation will help to relieve feelings of stress. Another common stress relief hobby is to take up exercise. Many studies show that regular exercise reduces stress. The lower stress levels you have, the lower amount of sweat you usually produce. Knowing how to control underarm sweat will help to keep you calm.
  • Don’t Worry About Beginning to Sweat: Feeling sweat start to begin forming is never a great feeling. However, you do not want to let this stress start to get to you. Worrying about starting to sweat will only make you sweat more. A natural way to reduce stress is to practice deep breathing. Utilizing deep breathing is a great way to reduce stress which will stop armpit sweat. Research shows that an average person sweats about six liters per day. Over 35 percent of people who excessively sweat report symptoms are hard to tolerate which makes them avoid certain social situations.
  • In closing, there are many sweaty armpit causes you will want to avoid. How to control underarm sweat is done by choosing the right antiperspirant. Certain foods are known to cause increased sweat production. You will want to apply antiperspirant about 20 minutes after showering. It is recommended to lower your stress levels, as this helps to stop sweat production. If you do feel sweat forming, don’t panic. Feeling stressed about sweating will only cause more sweat to start happening. Knowing how to control underarm sweat is essential for looking your best.

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