The Importance of Activity As We Grow Older



As our parents grow older we worry about if they are happy and healthy. We want them to be because they raised us and took care of us when we were small and weak. Its only fair that we take care of them as they grow and ironically become smaller and weaker. That said, the key towards making sure that our parents are happy and healthy is to make sure that they stay as active as possible.

Being active is actually the key to being happy in our older age. For instance, studies have found that senior citizens in their 70s or later feel less lonely. The numbers showed that only 12% felt lonely when they were staying active. Conversely, 22% of elders who weren’t as active felt lonely.

The reason for this, included in the need to remain physically healthy (which we will talk about in a moment), there’s also a need to stay socially healthy too. With assisted living, elders can stay social by engaging with members around them. In addition, the staff at the homes can also engage your parents, should you bring them, in social activities that will keep their minds and bodies at work.

Of course, we do not want just our parents minds and mouths at work, but their bodies as well. Consistent exercise is the key towards keeping strong for years to come. Those who keep their bodies in shape will have them stay in shape much longer than those who eventually fizzle out. Think about stretching for instance. If you stretch one day and then leave it for a week, all that work you did before will have disappeared. Keep your parents moving and grooving and they’ll never stop. Its simple physics after all.

We love our parents and want the best for them. So, we should give them the best. We should make sure that our parents can stay active and thus stay happy. Activity as we age can be just as healthy as eating greens and fruits. It nurtures the body, mind, and soul. That’s the proper way to keep on living for many years to come.

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