How Ibogaine Drug Treatment Could Be a Step in the Right Direction


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Drug use is not new to human beings. There are ancient references to recreational drug use and substances that were used for medicinal purposes or as part of religious or spiritual ceremonies. So it should be no surprise that today there are alarming rates of drug addiction and abuse as well. Yet it is not such a cut and dried case of addiction existing because the drugs exist. On several levels, society itself should be held responsible, as well as many different institutions that perpetuate certain behavior and prime conditions for people to fall into the trap of addiction.

There will always be new drug treatment programs to meet the needs
, and hopefully we will continue to improve these treatments to ensure that we get the job done right. But until there is a major collective shift in our societal mentality, we will continue to see persistent drug addiction problems that will need new and more effective treatment solutions.

Bringing ibogaine drug treatment onto the scene
Ibogaine drug treatment is a relatively new, or at least relatively recently rediscovered, drug treatment. The process involves taking a hallucinogenic substance that ends up diminishing the patient’s craving and withdrawal symptoms. Though it is derived from a plant, there is still some controversy surrounding its use in addiction treatment. However those who have experienced ibogaine therapy can attest to its success. Ibogaine drug treatment can be used for any number of addictions, as an answer to alcohol dependency, as a methamphetamine addiction treatment, or any type of addiction in between.

The role of society in addiction

The unrealistic standards and expectations of today’s society create pressures that are far too heavy for one person to carry or even know what to do with. There is a constant push to get more done, in smaller amounts of time. This often leads to individuals taking pills that help to enhance their performance or focus, and through the repetition of these pressures, and by extension, the repeated taking of these pills, it’s not hard for an addiction to form. In fact, over the course of one year, nearly 14 million prescriptions were written for people in their 20s and 30s for Adderall, a drug that improves focus. The drug is meant for people with attention issues like ADD, but it does the trick for just about anybody, and has become a go-to for people looking for a quick way to get as much done as possible. In just four years, the number of monthly prescriptions written for Adderrall jumped by two and a half times.

And of course, that isn’t the only drug that society has helped to put into the hands of addicts or would-be addicts. During one recent year, there were more than 130 million individuals across the country who were drinking alcohol regularly. Despite the high number of alcoholics, the substance is readily available for anyone looking to get their hands on some. Methamphetamine, a substance posing a major problem today, was originally created in 1919 and prescribed across the country during the 50s and 60s to battle obesity. It is difficult to know that this harmful substance was once used as a legal weight loss tool.

Ibogaine treatments could be the answer to some people’s struggles with addiction. But the root of the problem must be addressed to make any lasting positive impact. And the roof of the problem lies within the outdated and unrealistic standards that society perpetuates.

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