Experiencing Chronic Pain? Contact a Chiropractor for a Consultation


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If you’ve never been to a chiropractor before, you may be asking, “What does a chiropractor do?” While chiropractors treat a variety of issues, including wellness adjustments, they are known for working with individuals that suffer from chronic pain.

Are you, for example, experiencing any of the following types of issues or pain?

    Back pain
    Chronic knee pain
    Diabetic nerve pain
    Diabetic neuropathy
    Frozen shoulder
    Knee pain when walking
    Lower back pain
    Migraine headaches
    Peripheral neuropathy
    Sharp pain in knee
    Sudden knee pain
    Tension headaches

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, it’s possible that you’ve already visited your primary care physician. At that time, they may have recommended that you work with a chiropractor in conjunction with the treatment that they are providing for you.

When you have your first chiropractic visit, they will be able to evaluate your situation in order to provide treatment options and recommendations. At this time, you can ask them, “What does a chiropractor do to treat my specific situation?”

A recent National Institutes of Health survey showed that 27% of people in the United States suffer from low back pain, and that it was the most common type of pain that they experienced. After back pain, 15% of the survey participants reported that they suffered with migraines and other types of headaches.

When people are suffering from one or more types of pain, it can make a major difference in their quality of life. Furthermore, when people don’t feel that they have any control over their pain, it can also affect their state of mind and energetic level.

The National Institutes of Health survey also showed that six-out-of-ten participants experienced breakthrough pain at least once a day, and that 51% stated they had minimal control over this pain. When people experience breakthrough pain, especially when it’s anticipated, but unexpected, it can also make an impact on their activity level as well as their work-oriented productivity.

In terms of workplace productivity, headaches were the most common type of pain affecting people at their jobs. After this, it was back pain, arthritis pain, followed by other types of musculoskeletal pain.

You may already be more than familiar with the potential effects of chronic pain. The National Institutes of Health survey outlines these prevalent symptoms that affected three-quarters of the patients experiencing chronic pain:

    Depression: 77%
    Trouble concentrating: 70%
    Low energy level: 74%
    Sleep issues: 86%

If you find that you are suffering from any of the chronic pain symptoms or symptoms discussed above, it’s important to address these issues as soon as possible. If you’ve been referred to a chiropractor by a friend or primary care physician, they have probably responded to your question, “What does a chiropractor do, and how can they help me?”

Just imagine how you will feel when you have more control over your pain. It can definitely make a difference in your overall quality of life and state-of-mind.
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