How Do Laparatomy Sponges Maintian Clinical Cleanliness?


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Medical technology advances rapidly, and doctors and patients alike take all kinds of procedures for granted that would have been unthinkable even ten years ago. Many types of medical sponges make surgery safer and help recovery. For example, laparotomy sponges are essential for surgery and preventing contamination and infections. Medical sponges should be stored and handled carefully in order to maintain their quality and performance.

Types of medical sponges
Medical sponges are used during surgery to absorb fluids and blood, to prevent contamination, apply pressure and to protect tissues. Depending on the purpose for which they are to be used, medical sponges vary in size. They can be anywhere from small gauze pads to towel-sized, as large as one square foot.
They are highly absorbent and sterilized. These qualities make them highly versatile, with many applications in the surgery area.
Why are Laparotomy sponges different?
Laparotomy is a surgical procedure that is used to examine the abdomen and the internal organs for any abnormal growths. The operation takes several hours, depending on the level of complexity required.
An incision is made below the bikini line, similar to that made for a caesarean section. The incision is about 15?20 cm long. Laparatomy Sponges are used to contain bleeding, maintain clinical cleanliness, and protect wounds.

Use and and storage of medical sponges
Laparotomy sponges are sterile and are also used to apply disinfectant and drugs, and to wash and dry hands. They are made of cotton, prewashed and sterilized, with a radiopaque thread. There is a blue ribbon in one corner for ease of removal.
Good storage conditions are essential to maintain the performance of the sponges. Direct sunshine and high temperatures should be avoided and the sponges should be stored in a cool dry place. The maximum recommended temperature is 32C and the maximum humidity is 70%. Packages should be handled carefully because rough handling can affect the quality.

New types of medical sponges have made surgery safer and easier, and also help the recovery process. They are sterilized and ready to use, to maintain the cleanliness of the surgical area and the wound specifically. A reliable medical supply store can provide a regular and consistent supply of medical sponges and other medical equipment necessary for hospitals and other medical facilities.
Medical suppliers can provide equipment such as patient monitors, cardiovascular diagnostic machines, ultrasound machines, x-ray equipment, hospital beds, surgical tables, stretchers and surgical equipment to hospitals and medical facilities worldwide.

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