Five Things That a Happiness Coach Does to Help You Achieve Your Dreams


Happiness coach

Have you ever thought of visiting a happiness coach? Maybe the idea of happiness coaching sounds like hippy dippy phony bologna to you. We don’t blame you, without understanding what a happiness coach really is, it’s easy to make that assumption.

However, the more people make their dreams a reality with the guidance of happiness coaching, the more common they are becoming. Americans live in the land of prosperity. Often, our greatest challenge in feeling satisfaction is our our perspective. The benefit of a happiness or gratitude coach is to help us achieve inner peace through gratitude lessons and meditation sessions. When you feel content with yourself, the path to bloom is smoother and easier.

A few things that a happiness coach helps you with, to make your dreams a reality, are listed below:

  1. Clarifying what you want from your life, why you want, and creating a path to get you there.

    It is very common to feel unsatisfied with where you are in life, but not really know why you aren’t satisfied. If you don’t know the source of your discomfort, it’s impossible to know how to change it. One powerful skill that a happiness coach will help you develop is how to pinpoint the areas of your life that make you the most unhappy, and how to make constructive changes to reduce the stress.

    Your happiness coach will also help you visualize the life that you really want to have. Maybe you want to get in shape and feel healthier. Maybe you want to find your soulmate. Maybe you have career or educational goals. Once you know what the finish line looks like, your happiness coach will help you create actionable goals that will help you get there.

  2. Guiding you across the bridge from where you are now to where you want to be.

    Sometimes we get stuck in a rut of our lifestyle, we want to make changes, but our old habits are so ingrained in us that it feels impossible. We want to lose weight, but going to the gym and changing our diet feels overwhelming. We want to get more accomplished in the day, but when our alarm goes off earlier, it’s too easy to hit “snooze” one more time. Pretty soon, we just stop trying to improve. When you work with a happiness coach, they’ll help you determine the changes that you need to make to achieve your sub-goal, and get yourself closer to your long-term goal. And then they’ll hold you accountable to sticking with those changes. As you’re successful with each step, the getting to the next one becomes more exciting and attainable.

  3. Help you find the most direct path to achieving your goals.

    A happiness coach will use their training to ask you the thought-provoking and challenging questions that need to be asked to cut through the challenges and unnecessary steps to help you develop the most direct plan to meeting your goals.

    And once you’ve worked out the “bare bones” plan you need to take to get to the finish line of accomplishing your goals, your happiness coach will help you stay committed to those steps.

  4. Silencing your internal nay-sayer.
    Every person is their own worst critic. Sometimes the greatest obstacle in achieving your dreams is your own internal talk, telling you to give up, you’ll fail like you always have, you can’t do it. These thoughts limit our wings from spreading and soaring. Sometimes you get these self-sabotaging insecurities from previous failures. Sometimes they’re careless words that were spoken to you as a child.

    Your happiness coach will help you recognize the false voice of your inner-critic and give you strategies and techniques to persevere through the negative thoughts, until they lose their power and you reach the finish line.

  5. Explore options that never occurred to you.

    Sometimes what you think you want to achieve happiness in life is not the root of what your heart actually desires. Maybe you think you want a new job, but really, you’d truly find happiness by changing careers altogether and realizing your “calling” in life. Your happiness coach will help figure out what your dreams really are, so that the taste of sweet success when you arrive there gives you true satisfaction.

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