Growing Old can Also Mean Health Problems


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People are living longer these days, which is a good things. But many people aren’t in the greatest of health, with ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Many older people also have joint issues such as arthritis, chronic knee problems and chronic back problems. These problems can cause a number of issues and also may require various treatments.

Many of the health problems of older people are of their own doing. Most cases of diabetes in older people are adult-onset diabetes, called type 2. Nearly all these cases are caused by a combination of poor diet and lack of exercise that lead to obesity. Many people who catch their type 2 diabetes early can treat it simply by adjusting their diet and exercises. In some cases, such treatments may completely reduce the symptoms of the diseases. In many cases, though, people with diabetes will require medication that can range from pills to daily injections.

Orthopedic issues are also a problem in older people and can lead to range of issues. For some people, such issues are minor, simply causing pain that can be alleviated with over the counter medications or visits to a physical therapist or chiropractor. If pain is severe enough, a person may need to see a doctor or go to a pain clinic for specialized treatment. Other orthopedic issues can be more serious and cause disability.

Among the most common orthopedic issues in older people are chronic knee problems and chronic back pain. These issues can be caused by a specific injury or they simply can be the result of years of overuse of a joint. Treatments for these and other joint issues can range from physical therapy to medication to surgery. Joint replacement surgery, specifically of knees and hips is becoming more and more common, and advances in medical technology have made such surgeries less invasive and reduced the recovery time. Surgery for chronic back problems is a little less common and usually is a last resort. Before going that route, your doctor may send you to a back specialist to see what other treatments may be available.

Growing older doesn’t have to mean years of pain and disability. Taking care of yourself and staying in good health is important. If you do have a health issue caused by old age, it is important to get it diagnosed and treated.

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