Calm Your Colicky Baby With Natural Remedies


Rbti diet

When our newborn was awake, she was adorable. She nursed, slept and had periods of wakefulness that gave us time and space to go out in the stroller or a quick trip to the grocery store. Then at 4 p.m. every day, it all changed. She went from a doll baby to a unconsolable crying monster. There seemed to be no reason for the episode and there was no consoling her. We would go through the check list of possibilities and possible comforts:

  • diaper change
  • full stomach
  • swaddle
  • swing
  • bouncy chair
  • toys
  • no toys
  • music
  • white noise
  • pacifier
  • car ride

Yes, we tried everything, or so we thought. Then we discovered natural remedies for colic and those seemed to calm her the most or at least lessen the length of her crying each day. Some natural remedies that we found included changing my diet so as to not trigger her episodes. A paleo diet seemed to bring about good results. No gluten, dairy, spicy foods or caffeine was a bit of a challenge, but when 4 p.m. started to come and go without a crying fit, I knew it was all worth it. Other natural remedies that we paired with my own dietary change included warm baths to aid in her digestion as well as lavender to relax. There is light at the end of the colic tunnel, and natural remedies for colic can help you see that light.
While on this special diet, I started to notice a decrease in the number of headaches and migraines I would get each month. A little more than half of migraine sufferers experience about 1 migraine per month and 13% get one or more a week. I would sometimes get 1 or 2 a month but I noticed that 4 weeks had gone by without one. My healthier life was contributing to the lessening of my own medical problem that doctors were unable to manage with traditional treatments. And I was in the 50% of sufferers who were under a doctor’s care. About half do not seek medical attention or treatment and remain undiagnosed.
I’ve since learned that natural remedies such as an rbti diet can also remarkably reduce symptoms of anxiety. And the colic was certainly making me more anxious but I don’t think that’s the only reason I was feeling less anxious. My diet was also contributing to the lessening of those symptoms. And anxiety is treatable, but only about one third of those suffering seek treatment. And that’s a shame, because natural remedies could be the remedy these sufferers need.
An rbti diet involves balancing your body chemistry. The first step in an rbti diet is measuring your levels, which you can do at home and then send your data in for evaluation.
Lastly, natural remedies can improve all kinds of digestive troubles, thus making for a long-term healthier you. Sixty to 70 million people suffer from digestive diseases, and a scientific diet could help many of them.
And once my husband saw how much healthier I looked and felt, he started to consider an rbti diet and his insomnia greatly improved. Turns out that natural remedies for colic, which was good for treating my anxiety was also good remedy for his insomnia. Of course that meant I had to start taking my turn more on the night time wakings with our little one, because he wasn’t always awake, but I had all kinds of energy to have my sleep interrupted a few nights a week and still get everything done the next day.
So whether you’re looking for natural remedies for colic, digestive problems, anxiety or migraines, don’t give up. There are treatments out there that others are having great success with. Diets and supplements can do what physicians can not as simply prescribe in a bottle. Everyone deserves to live happily and healthily. Naturally. Now all three of us are happy, sleeping well and looking forward to staying healthy for a long time to come. Turns out the body is really good at healing itself if you give it the right tools.

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