Why Your Child Should Get a Sports Physical


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Spring is here, and that means it’s time for young athletes so lace up and get out on the field. That’s right, competitive youth sports season is just around the corner! According to a recent study conducted by the Sports and Fitness Industry Association, over 20 million kids in the U.S. play an organized sport. When you break it down, that means that 75% of boys and 69% of girls play organized sports! And while this is a wonderful activity for children to engage in, it’s essential that you help them prepare as well as you can for the sports season ahead. One of In fact, While many states require athletic physicals before children are even allowed to participate in activities. If you child has never received one before, it might be a good time to start. Here’s why:

It’s a Good Litmus Test for the Season
How did your young athlete spend their off-season? On the couch? Or were they outside playing and training for their upcoming sport season? If they didn’t do the latter, their body might not be ready for rigorous physical activity. That being said, it will help you to develop a more structured regimen in the months leading up to the sports season. All it takes is a simple visit to your family care providers at your family health care clinic.

Ensures Your Child is in Good Health
Your child’s yearly physical isn’t the only time they should be visiting walk in health clinics for health care. Family health clinics are built to accommodate all kinds of visits, and provide questionnaires when your child goes into their sports physical. This will give family care physicians a better idea of your child’s state of health and if they are in need of any assistance before the upcoming sports season.

Physicals at family health clinics are the best way for children to prepare for their upcoming sports season. With a healthy body and a happy mindset, they’ll be ready to take home the victory soon enough!

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