Are You a Good Candidate for Gastric Bypass Surgery?


Gastric bypass procedure

Being overweight can drastically lower your quality of life. There are many things that you won’t be able to do or manage on your own depending on how overweight you are. Health problems, self esteem issues and physical boundaries will seem to be everywhere you turn. Living like this is not fun and it’s not how life should be. If you are overweight and feel like you have tried everything to lose and maintain the amount of weight that you need to in order to feel good about yourself and deal with your health issues and feel like you have failed every time but are looking to make a drastic lifestyle change, gastric bypass surgery may be a good option for you. Below are the general qualifications for weight loss surgery:

  1. You have a body mass index of more than 40
  2. You are over 100 pounds more than your ideal weight, medically speaking.
  3. You are experiencing negative health effects such as diabetes or high blood pressure because of your weight.
  4. You have been unsuccessful in maintaining a healthy body weight.

Gastric bypass surgery is not for everyone even if you fit the above qualifications. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of gastric bypass surgery.

Quick and dramatic results
Usually within six months you can lose almost half the weight that you’ve been wanting to and can continue losing weight for up to two years.

Quick recovery
Not so much from the surgery itself, but patients have been known to recover quickly from their weight related illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes or even sleep apnea.

Lasting results
Gastric bypass surgery is known to have the highest level of successful and lasting results of all weight loss surgeries.

Lack of nutrients

After the surgery and the food is digested so quickly that it is possible that the patient will not receive enough nutrients from the food they are eating. Supplements may be necessary.

Danger in exercising
If you are not getting the nutrients and calories needed that it can be dangerous to exercise properly which is also needed to maintain weight loss.

Surgery risks
the gastric bypass procedure is a major surgery and as is the same with all surgeries is not without risk. Blood clots and infections and gallstones can form and at times some of the smaller large intestine may need to be removed causing complications.

Other complications
Internal bleeding, respiratory issues and leaks can occur because of the surgery and must be monitored very closely during the recovery process.

Long term issues
Nausea, palpitations, fainting, diarrhea and more can occur even long after you have recovered from the surgery itself.

Also, if you are not in the habit of eating healthy and trying to exercise, the gastric lap band may not be for you. In order to maintain the weight loss, or even start it, you must follow a strict diet and exercise plan that your doctor will give you after the surgery is complete. Without sticking to this plan, the surgery will not only be ineffective but can be dangerous, causing risks where the pouch was created. Fully understanding what you are getting into is incredibly important when considering undergoing major surgery such as gastric bypass. The idea of sudden weight loss may be very appealing but keep in mind these other risks and follow doctor’s order to keep you safe. On the other hand, if you are ready to face the risks and follow the post surgery instructions, then you could be in for the change of your life in a positive way. You’ll never know how good you can feel until you get to that point. The feeling of the weight dropping off as you eat better, take your vitamins and supplements and exercise will make you feel like you have stepped in to someone else’s life. You will never want to go back again, once you feel that energy surging up inside you that you haven’t been able to feel in years.

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