When’s The Last Time You Saw Your Doctor?


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Inpatient and outpatient services are designed for people who need continuous healthcare over an extended period of time. In today’s fluctuating economy it can be nerve-wracking and confusing finding a healthcare plan that fits you and your family’s needs. Whether it’s a specific form of disability insurance or a local low-income clinic, there are a multitude of options available to give you the regular healthcare you deserve. Read below to learn more about basic healthcare in America, the importance of routine check ups and how you can keep you and your loved ones healthy with preventative measures.

Common Health Problems

Some of the most routine health issues facing America are heart disease, sleeping disorders and chronic obesity. It’s estimated 80 million Americans have at least one type of heart problem, with this disease being the leading cause of death for both men and women around the country. At least 50 million adults have a wakefulness disorder, that of which leads to chronic back pain, lowered immune systems and disturbed sleep patterns. Chronic obesity can be environmental or hereditary, leading to high blood pressure and an increased risk for heart attacks if not treated.

Preventative Measures

Exercise and a healthy diet are commonly cited for improved health, though there are other, lesser-known ways to circumvent certain health issues. Regularly reducing your stress, be it through therapy or yoga classes, is essential in keeping your immune system strong and staving off familiar illnesses such as the flu or shingles. Correctly diagnosing problems before they worsen is necessary, as well — heart disease and heart attack, for example, have different symptoms in men and women. Men are more likely to feel suffocating chest pain, while women more frequently feel pain in the back, neck and jaw.

Finding A Clinic

If you need to find a doctor or a specialist, you need to specifically seek out one that can match your budget and the size of your family. Low-income clinics exist for those who are struggling financially and can provide you with scheduled check-ups, flu shots, birth control and more. Finding a medical specialist that can teach you preventative medicine will better help you when you’re not being seen, such as providing a unique dose of supplements or routine physical therapy. Whether it’s outpatient services or specific medical care, all it takes is a little knowledge and a pro-active mind to get the most out of your health.

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