3 Surprising Things That Trigger Acne


Just when you think you’ve found an effective skincare routine, a new type of breakout appears. Or perhaps you have persistent acne that recurs in the same location. Here are a few typical acne in cheeks causes:

If you have seen an increase in bad acne around mouth and chin areas, the jawline, or the cheeks after applying a cotton face mask, you are not seeing things. It turns out that the perspiration, oil, germs, and humidity that are trapped behind your facial covering might be the ideal breeding environment for acne.

To further confuse matters, sometimes the “acne” you’re attempting to treat isn’t actually acne, which would explain why your typical acne creams aren’t working or may even be making the condition worse. If your breakouts occur around your hairline, forehead, chest, or back and appear as little, red, itchy pimples of about the same size, you may have fungal acne.

Raise your hand if you apply many spot treatments at the first sign of a pimple, believing it’s the best type of acne treatment. However, Samantha Wright, a qualified aesthetician at the Dangene Institute, advises against overtreating. Over-the-counter treatments including salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or sulfur might dry out your skin and cause it to generate more oil and, consequently, pimples. Additionally, the active components might mildly irritate the top layer of skin, causing it to appear red and raw if used excessively and frequently.

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Regardless of your age, acne is an embarrassment and an inconvenience. But if you’re suffering from acne, you’re not alone. In fact, the American Academy of Dermatolofy reports that up to 50 million Americans are affected by acne.
But what are the causes of acne? At its more basic level, acne is caused by the overproduction of oil, clogging hair follicles, ultimately trapping bacteria inside of the hair follicle and causing irritation. While acne always forms the same way, it is often triggered by various things that either have something to do with the environment or the internal workings of the body.
Check out these 3 surprising causes of acne:
It’s important to have a skin care regimen that includes exfoliation, but too much scrubbing can help pimples to resurface. While exfoliation promises smooth and clean skin, over exfoliating can spread active bacteria across the skin, only making the condition worse. Instead, the best acne treatment to employ with your skin care regimen is to gentle wash and moisturize your face with a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer most days of the week, allocating exfoliating for one or two days, depending on your skin’s needs.

  • Stressing Out
    Stress is one of the most common triggers of acne. But once many individuals get acne, they only become more stressed because of their blemishes — an unfortunate and vicious cycle. Instead of stressing, be proactive. Take to the gym and engage in 30 minutes of cardio three to five days a week to let off any pent up stress. For acne problems, visit the best rated dermatologist you can find. The more proactive you are, the less stress you will feel, helping your body to stop releasing hormones that create more acne.
  • Too Much Time in the Sun
    All of the best rated dermatologists will tell you that too much sun exposure is harmful on multiple levels. Not only will too much sun cause skin cancer, but the irritation caused from sun exposure can make your skin dry out, triggering an increase in oil production, leading to more zits. Instead, put on a zinc-based sunscreen when you hit the beach and wear a sun hat to shield you from hard sunlight.



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