Looking to Boost Your Practice and Give Your Patients Added Value?


Best skin care line

Running a private practice, no matter how successful, is a lot of work and can be quite costly. Are you looking for an additional revenue stream for your office or practice? Private label skin care is just the answer. Not only can you offer your patients the best skin care line and natural skin products available, you?ll see increased patient returns when patients want more of your professional skin care line.

America wants to stay looking young.

And hey, who doesn?t want to look younger, healthier, brighter? And there?s some basic things your patients can do to protect their skin.

  • Use sunscreen daily ? Even on a cloudy day, the sun?s UV radiation reaches us; using sunscreen daily and reapplying every two hours and after swimming or sweaty activities helps cut down on the sun?s adverse affect. Private label lotion manufacturers make some of the best anti aging products that have a high SPF.
  • Teach your clients to bee gentle with their skin ? Rubbing the face and skin removes protective essential oils. Instead, have them try softly exfoliating and using a gentle moisturizer on their face; your gentle private label skin care moisturizer.
  • Sell them the right products – Patients who want to fight the effects of aging are looking for eye creams with antioxidants and peptides (to stimulate the production of collagen and thicken the skin) to improve and even prevent sagging.

How Can Private Label Skin Care Provide Supplemental Income for Doctors?

Well, in 2011, the anti-aging industry in the U.S. was worth about $80 billion, but by this year experts expect it to have grown to a $114 billion business. Selling your own skin care brand gives you a slice of the pie. If you provide you patients with high end private label cosmetics, with natural skin care products, with the best anti aging products available, they will return, and return, and return, and return?

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