Sober Living Environments Help Young Men Recover from Addiction


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Sometimes you just need to regroup. Reset. Rewind. If you have faced a struggle with addiction and alcoholism, you understand the need to refocus. Finding a sober living environment to help you through a difficult time can be lifesaving. Young men committed to recovery especially need a strong sober living foundation to help themselves make permanent life changes.

One problem that males in the age range of 18 to 29 face is finding a sober and supported environment that provides intervention specialists as well as a healthy, active lifestyle that this age group gravitates toward. For example, a sober living facility in a scenic and rugged environment of the mountains can provide strenuous hiking, mountain climbing, as well as serene views to help recovering addicts reset their lives.

Today, nearly 14 million Americans abuse alcohol or are considered alcoholic. This means that one in every 13 adults is struggling with this addiction. when you realize that men are more than twice as likely as women to become alcoholics you begin to see that the population of males searching for addiction recovery is vast. This vastness, however, while including many young men, also includes much older male addicts.

Sometimes the best opportunity for recovery does not come in a situation where a 22 year old male alcoholic is attempting to recover with an aging alcoholic Vietnam vet. Both men, regardless of their age, need assistance, but the kind of assistance that is most helpful is likely not the same. For instance, the 22 year old could benefit from strenuous and invigorating outdoor adventures that the aging alcoholic might not be able to endure.

Sober living recovery steps must be intertwined in the everyday
life of a young male addict if you want to provide your loved one with the best opportunity for success. These recovery steps can take place in a spacious living environment that offers a number of amenities designed to provide comfort during the difficult time of recovery. While not all families can offer this level of recovery to their struggling addicts, if you can provide a comfortable sober living environment as part of the process why wouldn’t you?

A sober living environment is essential to the success of your family member struggling with addiction. Certain environments, however, are more fitting a young male between the ages of 18 and 29. What choice will you make? Will you offer your son a sterile arrangement that caters to the needs of a wide age range of men, or will you provide an environment that matches the needs of a young man who still has the majority of his life to live? One-third of alcoholics fully recover, don’t you want to see your loved one is this successful group?

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