Why Can’t Jennifer Aniston Get Pregnant?


Assisted reproductive technology

As affluent, educated women relegate a large portion of their twenties to career building rather than family building, the need for infertility solutions is on the rise. However, age is just one of many causes of infertility in women. Women’s health has come a long way in the last 50 years and suggests that many factors aside from age many make it challenging to procreate. These causes are some of the overlooked reasons that some women and men have trouble.
Even smoking just a few cigarettes each day can hinder a man or woman’s chances of being fertile. Considering all of the other health risks for smoking, it might a good idea to kick the habit. While it is important to remember that in the mid part of the 1900s everyone smoked and everyone had children, smoking does, at it’s root, lower fertility to some degree.
Depression and Financial Hardship
Those who experience life long depression and/or financial hardship are more likely to enter menopause early, making it impossible to conceive at an older age. Considering the volume of student debt that many American youth are carrying around, it would hardly be surprising if this become a reality for lots of people looking to build a family.
Access to Womens Health
Issues that lead to infertility are often caught when they happen to women who have the means to see a doctor on a regular basis. However, women who do not have this luxury are apt to go many years without seeing a doctor who could point out causes of infertility in women and help. For example, if a low income woman had a cyst or tumor growing in her uterus, she would be much less likely to know than her wealthy counterpart. A cyst or tumor is also likely to keep her from baring children. Not to mention, in vitro fertilization is never available to women below a certain income threshold. Assisted reproductive technology is reserved for the affluent.
Causes of infertility in women vary from woman to woman, as do the interventions that can help said women build a family.

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