Practical Tips on How to Choose a CPAP Mask


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When it comes to CPAP replacement parts, CPAP masks are often the most complicated items to buy. While many other CPAP replacement parts come in standard shapes and sizes, sleep apnea patients have several different mask types and sizes to choose from.

Here’s a brief buying guide to help you find the mask that works for you.

Types of CPAP Masks

  • Standard nasal CPAP mask: The nasal mask is the most popular and comfortable style of CPAP mask because it only covers the nose. Instead of delivering direct air to the nostrils, a small gel or silicone cushion surrounds the nose to create a pressure balloon that keeps air flowing.
  • Nasal interface/Pillow CPAP Mask: These nasal masks do deliver air directly into the nostrils, without any extra mask parts covering the nose or mouth. They’re ideal for people who sleep on their side.
  • Full face CPAP mask: Full face masks go over the nose and mouth of the patient and are ideal for people who breath through their mouths, because they can deliver air through the nose and mouth individually or simultaneously. Fitting a full face mask is fairly simple and many people keep them around as backups in case of nasal congestion.
  • Oral CPAP mask: These masks only deliver CPAP therapy through the mouth and don’t involve the nose at all. This type of mask works really well for mouth breathers who don’t want to wear a chin strap.
  • Hybrid CPAP mask: Hybrid masks deliver air to the mouth and nostrils, where a full face mask only delivers air to the mouth and whole nose. It combines the advantages of a nasal interface mask and a full face mask.

Determining Mask Size

If you’re purchasing your first mask, you can try a mask combo pack with multiple sizes to figure out what size you need, or check out a sizing guide. If you’re looking for CPAP replacement parts for your current mask, you can usually find a size or a part number on the cushion.

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