Three Don’ts of Post-Holiday Cosmetic Surgery You Need to Know


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The start of the new year is a time of recovering from all the excess drinking and eating you did over the holidays. It’s also a time of making a new beginning and getting your year started on the right foot.

So whether you’re looking for a cure to the after-holiday blues or you want to show off the best parts of your appearance, you’re not alone — the new year is one of the most popular times of the year for plastic surgeons!

But like any other major decision you’d make, the choice to undergo a cosmetic surgery treatment shouldn’t be make lightly. Want to be sure you don’t make a costly mistake with your post-holiday cosmetic surgery plans? Here are the top three don’ts of post-holiday plastic surgery:

Don’t: Get plastic surgery for the wrong reasons

You should get a cosmetic procedure done to improve your features because it bothers you — and you alone. Never get cosmetic surgery because someone else wants you to. It should make you feel confident and happy with yourself, and others’ opinions don’t matter at all.

Don’t: Rush into it

Even though cosmetic procedures like facelift surgery are elective and not related to one’s health, having a surgery of any kind takes a major toll on your body — and if you aren’t at your peak level of health, the risks for a complication increase. Before going under the knife, be sure that all your health conditions are under control and that you get plenty of exercise and eat well every day.

Don’t: Ask to look like someone famous

The point of cosmetic surgery isn’t to give you an entirely new face that looks nothing like you. Instead, your cosmetic surgery should enhance and highlight the best things about your appearance and make you look like your best self. Don’t get plastic surgery because you want to look just like a celebrity — do it because you want to look your best!

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