The Benefits of Assisted Living

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If you have a loved one who is beginning to need more help with their activities each day, it may be time for a senior living option away from home. It’s helpful to pick out adult assisted living near me so that you are near enough to visit often. An alternative living facility can help your loved on to get the help that they need for a better quality of life. Different living facilities come with different levels of care, so it’s important to know what kind of care is offered by each home that you look into.

When shopping for aged care near me, you don’t have to know all about senior care, but you do need to know about what your loved one can and can’t do. You have to be able to find a home that will be just right for your loved one. Some people need only light help while others need a nurse to do most of their activities. Be sure to tour the facilities that you are thinking about using for your loved one. Some homes have a lower ratio of nurses to residents, and these often mean better care overall for your loved one.

When a senior decides it is time to move out of their house, they find that there are many different housing options to choose from. Some seniors may opt for the round-the-clock care and supervision of a nursing care home, but others aren’t quite ready for that level of care. Assisted living care facilities are a popular choice, and for many reasons.

Assisted living centers tend to allow for more independence among residents. Apartment-style living is very common, with each resident occupying his or her own studio or one-bedroom apartment. For safety and convenience, housekeeping services and meals are provided by the staff of the assisted living community. Seniors are encouraged to socialize at mealtimes, and often have several meal options.

Assisted living communities place an emphasis on “community,” offering various amenities. Exactly what those amenities are will depend on the community, but hairdressers, fitness centers, and libraries are common. Some assisted living facilities organize trips to the surrounding town so that residents can shop at the mall, go to the theatre, or eat at a favorite restaurant. Visitors are encouraged to visit during regular business hours, so residents can catch up with friends and relatives.

Assisted living care is a large part of the community, but in a less intrusive manner than in a nursing home. Medications are stored and distributed by the staff, for the residents’ safety. Staff are able to assist residents with bathing, dressing, and grooming when necessary. They may also help with personal laundry, set appointments, or coordinating shopping trips.

While seniors may be attracted by the independence offered by assisted living facilities, some residents may need more medical supervision or help than the facility is able to offer. If the senior is unable to move without the assistance of two staff members, has memory loss that causes wandering or aggressive behavior, or any medical needs requiring intubation or frequent monitoring, they may benefit more from a stay at a nursing home.

At the end of the day, the decision about where to stay can only be made by the senior in question. Family members should do their best to educate the senior on their options, and may take him or her to visit possible facilities to make sure they are safe. The senior’s safety and comfort should take first priority. Fortunately, it is often the priority of the assisted living care facility as well. More on this topic.

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