The Top Benefits of Couples Therapy


Depression counseling

For some, the thought of couples therapy or counseling is scary one. Many people often assume that going to see a therapist somehow implicates that something is “wrong” with them, and that they need to be “fixed”. It’s not uncommon for people to say, “I don’t see therapy, there’s nothing wrong with me!” or “I don’t suffer from depression or have panic attacks. Why should I even bother going?”

However, people often go to their primary care physician for annual physical even if they are perfectly healthy. Physicals and check-ups are beneficial regardless of the status of one’s current state of health, as they allow physician’s to identify conditions before they become problematic. The same principle can be applied to one’s mental health, which is just as important as one’s physical health. If if couples feel the state of their relationship or marriage is good, they can still benefit from couples therapy or marriage counseling.

The root of the majority of relationship problems is due to lack of health communication. Couples therapy teaches couples how to express and communicate their needs effectively, in manner which allows them to voice their opinion in way that is not aggressive or critical. In addition, therapy teachers couples the tools they need in order to navigate the nuances of everyday life together, such as stress management, conflict resolution and coping with anxiety.

Couples also have a difficult time expressing their expectations, which can result in conflict. For example, one party may have a higher sex drive or prefer certain sexual acts over others, while the other has little to no interest in sex. Or, one party may prefer the house be cleaned a certain way, or prefers to budget finances. When these topics are openly discussed in a constructive and meaningful way, couples can not only be aware of the other’s expectations and learn how to meet them, but come to a fair agreement.

With divorce rates at an all time high, and as mental health awareness increases, couples are turning to therapy in order to strengthen their bond. Get more on this here.

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