The Top Three Things You Might Not Know About E Cigarettes


Electronic cigarette e liquid

There has been a lot of buzz about the best e cigarette brands lately, but not a lot of information about them. E cig juice reviews don’t tell you much about the product in question since the marketers are inherently biased, but its detractors have the same issue. Here are three unbiased facts you might not know about e cigs:

1. It’s Growing Hugely

In 2008, e cig liquid sales hung around 50 thousand, but in just three years they jumped to 3.5 million. This huge increase is why they are receiving so much attention from the media, but even so, only one in five adults who smoke have even tried liquid e cigs. While those who smoke them sometimes tend to be very devoted, it seems the same can be said for smokers of traditional cigarettes.

2. It Goes by Many Names

Even with cigarette smokers being reluctant to try their alternative, there is a very devoted following forming in the community of e cig smokers. Some e cig users refer to their subculture as “the vaping community” in reference to the vapors from the cheap e cig liquid. With all the anti smoking campaigns that have been on air, it seems odd to see a cigarette substitute being celebrated like that, but it makes sense. After all, much of the draw of e cigs is that they are more health and community friendly, so why wouldn’t they receive more positive attention?

3. You Choose the Nicotine Level

One more draw to e cigs is their nicotine feature. Specifically, nicotine need not be a part of any e cig, whether it uses cheap e cig liquid or expensive juice. You can select the amount of nicotine that is in the liquid and measure out your response to it. In that sense, e cigs are extremely helpful for smokers who are trying to quit which is why it was marketed as such originally. You don’t have to change the amount of times you smoke when you can lower the dosage of nicotine with each cigarette! What do you think of e cigs? Find more on this topic here.

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