Skin and Hair Uses for Moroccan Argan Oil Working This Product into Your Beauty Routine


Moroccan argan oil shampoo and conditioner

By now, you may have heard about Moroccan argan oil, whether you are a beauty product devotee or not. In addition to being used for the skin, there are many hair uses for Moroccan argan oil, and there are just as many products out there that contain this versatile ingredient.

What kinds of products are made for the hair uses for Moroccan argan oil? Moroccan argan oil shampoo and conditioner are some of the most common products you may find that contain this ingredient. Other hair care products are also available. These products can help promote healthy hair growth and heal dry scalps. The oil also helps with split ends.

What about skin uses for Moroccan argan oil? Soaps, lotions, and even argan oil masks are also popular items that can help the skin. Benefits include reducing scaring, healing acne, preventing inflammation, and even minimizing the signs of aging.

Argan oil can also be purchased in its 100% pure form and can also be used for hair and skin. Moroccan argan oil is considered a dry oil, so it can be absorbed quickly into the hair and skin and is non-greasy. It is also appropriate for all skin and hair types, so no matter which texture hair you have, you should be able to use argan oil and argan oil-based products.

Argan oil can be fairly expensive in its purest form. A one-liter bottle of argan oil can go for around $200, though smaller bottles are available for less. Part of the reason for this cost derives from its production. One liter of argan oil takes roughly 12 to 20 hours to manufacture because the oil is made by hand by the women in the Berber region of Morocco. In order to ensure that the oil is high quality and ethically sourced, make sure that the kind you buy says “fair trade” on the bottle.

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