The Top 5 Questions About Walk In Baths, Answered


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You may have seen TV commercials or other ads for walk in baths, but still have questions about how these tubs actually work. If you’re considering a walk in bathtub, here are five questions you may be asking, along with their answers:

  1. What Are Walk In Bathtubs?
    Walk in bathtubs are deep tubs with doors that allow bathers to walk in and sit down, instead of climbing over the ledge and down as with a traditional bathtub. This reduces the likelihood of slips and falls, and makes it easier for people with physical limitations to bathe themselves with dignity, instead of needing extensive help just to get in and out of the tub.

  2. Won’t the Water Leak Out?

    Most walk in baths have watertight doors. As the tub fills up, the water pressure further ensures that the door remains closed and the seal is fully compressed. Some tubs have special doors that open outward, instead. Either way, the tubs are engineered to be leak-proof. You can always look at walk in bathtub reviews to check on a particular brand if you’re worried.

  3. How Much Space Is Needed to Install a Walk In Bath?

    Walk in baths vary in size. They’re installed in your existing space with a minimum of renovation — even hooking up to your existing plumbing — and come in sizes to fit in place of a shower all the way up to a jacuzzi tub.

  4. Can Bathtubs Help With Pain?

    Soaking, especially combined with hydrotherapy, may relieve various aches and pains. Hydrotherapy is also known to improve circulation for some people. Walk in baths for elderly people can allow them to take advantage of these benefits safely.

  5. Are Walk In Baths and Showers Only for the Elderly?

    It’s true that walk in baths are popular among the elderly because they address some particular concerns of aging. But walk in baths can be used by anyone in your family. Just be aware that a walk in bath will normally have you sitting in an upright position — which is good for seniors, but can be an adjustment for anyone used to lounging. There are standard bathtub configurations available, but you’ll probably need to ask specifically about them. If not everyone in your family likes baths, you might also want to look into a walk in bathtub and shower combo.

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