The Basics of a Nose Job


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When people think of a spa, they often imagine a certain type of service. Different types of skin treatments, like a chemical peel treatment, facelift and exfoliating body scrubs are a few of the things that probably come to mind. Medical day spas, on the other hand, offer these traditional skin rejuvenation techniques and more. Under the supervision of a licensed medical professional, medical spa services can provide cosmetic medical treatments, as well. One such treatment would be a nose job.

Why Get a Nose Job>

There are many different reasons that people want to alter the shape of their nose. For some, they are unhappy with the size of their nose in proportion to their face. Some people may not be happy with the shape of their nose or certain bumps or protrusions on their nose. Others seek treatment because their airway is obstructed, causing difficulty breathing.

How Does a Nose Job Work?

Patients undergoing rhinoplasty, as a nose job is commonly known, must first be placed under anesthesia. After the patient is comfortable, the surgeon makes an incision either inside the nose or in the columella, or the thin strip that separates the nostrils. This incision allows the doctor to reshape the nose. During the reshaping process, cartilage is either added or removed, depending on the patient’s request. To correct a deviated septum, the surgeon straightens the septum to create an unobstructed airway. When the surgeon is finished, they close the incision.

Nose Job Recovery Process

After the surgery is complete, the recovery process may begin. Splints are placed on both the inside and outside of the nose to give it support and help it maintain its new shape as it heals. It takes about three weeks or so for swelling to subside, but total nose job recovery can take up to a year. It is important to follow the specific instructions of your cosmetic surgeon to ensure your nose heals properly.

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