The Answers You’ve Been Looking for Regarding Breast Lifts and Implantations


Breast lift with augmentation

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Bras don’t fix all issues women find with their breasts, though. Every year, about 300,000 women in the U.S. end up getting breast implant surgery. Not surprisingly, the surgery can be a somewhat controversial one. The controversy surrounding implant surgery, in fact, can often prevent people from getting answers to the questions they have — because they’re too afraid to ask.

Do you have questions about surgical breast augmentation? Here are three common questions with the answers many people have been searching for.

Is a Breast Lift the Same Thing?

No. Breast lifts are often part of “mommy makeovers,” or surgical procedures women frequently get after childbirth. A breast lift can be used in tandem with a breast enlargement in most cases, but is not the same thing. For this procedure, a surgeon will remove excess skin from the breast and reshape the breast tissue. This can give breasts a more “youthful” appearance, and reduce sagging. Breast lift surgery has been steadily gaining in popularity over the past few years as a low-maintenance alternative, or complement, to implants.

Is Sub-Muscular Breast Implant Placement the Best Option?

It might surprise some people to learn that not all implants are inserted the same way. Finding the right surgery for you will depend on a qualified surgeon’s evaluation of what would work for your body. In general, though, sub-muscular breast implant placement is often favored because it can deliver better long-term results. Subglandular placements are not affixed as securely to the breast, and over time the weight of the implant can cause breasts to hang lower. Subglandular often have fewer incision and scar lines, though, making them a preferable option for those focused on appearance.

Are Saline Breast Implants Safer?

When you get breast implants, the two basic choices are silicone or saline. Both are safe. Saline implants are sometimes preferable because they allow for the surgeon to create a smaller and less noticeable incision area. However, about 70% of patients end up choosing silicone implants, typically because their feel and appearance is more similar to natural breasts.

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