How Can Genetic Testing Help Your Health?


Cardiac genetic testing may benefit your overall personal health. If a DNA test reveals a positive result, your doctor may advise you to undergo additional cardiovascular screening. Further tests can also assist in identifying if someone else in your family is also at risk.

If you want to reduce the risks of heart disease for all family members, it’s crucial to have them undergo testing. Further screenings enable family members to ascertain any clues to a potential underlying genetic cause. It may be that a family member suddenly died unexpectedly or several in the family has the same diagnosis.

Before getting a genetic test for heart disease, the patient should work with the doctor to thoroughly review and record the family’s health history. In determining if a patient has a risk of heart disease due to genetic factors, check the family’s past three generations to see any pattern.

Some people have gene abnormalities that differ from others – possibly causing serious medical disease. For those with a high risk of heart disease due to genes, get DNA testing to confirm or further diagnose the condition.

With cardiac DNA tests, you can significantly improve your overall cardiovascular health. Watch this informative video by Genome Medical, where its genetic counselor explains the benefits of cardiac genetic testing. You’ll learn from Lindsay Meyers how beneficial DNA testing is if you want to reduce the risks of heart attacks.

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