An Overview of Sports Medicine


In this video, you will learn about athlete treatment. Sports medicine can be a very broad term. Working with athletes is the most generic way to define sports medicine. If you work at an institution, you will be on the sidelines watching the games or practices.

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When working with high-level collegiate athletes, there is a lot of interaction between yourself and the athletes, as well as the athlete and the coaches. Everyone has different expectations of how the injury will be managed and how the athlete will be taken care of. Athletes are a hard group to take care of. They need quick recovery but are good candidates for rehab. The injuries can be really diverse and interesting. It is actually a very challenging thing to do to have athletes back to play and help all of their different people that are involved in their life understand the injury, and know why it’s taking longer for them to get back, or why it requires surgery or doesn’t. Athletes are a very unique population to take care of. If surgery is required, they’re very demanding. They’re trying to get back to a very high level of sports.

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