Naples Winter Wine Festival celebrates 20th anniversary of charity auction


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Naples Winter Wine Festival celebrates 20th anniversary of charity auction is a YouTube video that is about one of the biggest charity events in the United States that take place in Naples, Florida. This year the Naples Winter Wine Festival celebrated the 20th anniversary of its successful charity auction. The auction has been commended for how it has raised millions of dollars to assist the Naples Children and Education Foundation which works with other local nonprofits within the Florida area to provide vital services aimed at helping thousands of at-risk children.

The event has professional chefs that provide extraordinary cuisine that is paired with the diverse wines that are supplied by the wineries in Naples and surroundings. Distinguished chef Sara Greenberg who is the owner of the Monte Verde restaurant is one of the many famous chefs and VIPs who graced the event with their presence. She highlights that she is like the rest of the esteemed guests who attend this event to offer their support with their resources, including culinary skills to make it a success and achieve its intended purpose of helping out children. People who have been attending this event for years know and understand how important it is for the Naples community of Collier County because it is reportedly one of the most unequal counties in the country, with the lowest level of poverty and the highest level of wealth.

This flourishing charity auction has hot ticket items such as sports cars, wine tours, and vacations being auctioned off and the money is used in Collier County to support children’s services and other organizations that are helping at-risk children. This event has been running for a long time and has been able to raise enough money to help these children with anything that they need such as health care, vision impairment, early learning out of school, and summer programs amongst other offerings. The best and ingenious idea of this charity auction is that it is also available online for an extended period compared to the in-person event. The organizers arrange a lovely brunch the morning after the main event to tally up how much was raised and to determine how much will be needed by each nonprofit to provide adequate care and support for the children.

The wineries, chefs, and community that come together every year understand that it is a significant contribution to a better world by taking care of these children and their needs. The organizers will continue to do all that they can and with the continuous support from the community of Collier County, they will be able to continue to change more lives.

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