Top Tips for a Healthy Spring Season


UPDATED 11/9/20

While spring brings delightfully warm weather, it also brings a slew of problems with it. Anything from allergies to bugs to lawncare can become a huge problem for the unprepared individual. In fact, more than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies with a whopping 30% of adults reporting worsening allergy symptoms in the spring. If you and your home aren’t ready for the issues spring and summer will soon bring, you might struggle to play catch-up.

This is doubly problematic in light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak. As we spend day after day in our home, the last thing we want to do is stress about the trials that spring will bring. Luckily, we have ample time after work to refresh ourselves and start home projects that can lead to a healthier spring.

When you’re able to muster up the energy, here are some of the top tips for a healthy spring that you should consider.

Make repairs in the home

The best way to get your health ready for spring is by making sure your environment is ready for spring. You can take all the allergy pills that you want, but you’ll still have a runny nose if you’re breathing in too much pollen.

The best thing you can do to combat spring problems is to make home updates. Not only will this ensure you have a healthy home, but it will also help you keep fit and active! Luckily, most people with allergies are able to get by with just a few updates to their windows and doors.

Modern windows and doors are designed to insulate your home better than older models. If you’re still struggling with windows from the ’90s, you’re overdue for a replacement. Look for vinyl window options since they are affordable and offer great insulation. While you’re at it, cleaning your old screens or installing new window screens are essential for keeping pollen out.

You might also want to consider updating your HVAC system. Filter cleaning should be performed at least twice per year. With warmer weather on the way, you might be turning on your AC sooner than you thought. Rely on an HVAC design company to streamline your heating and cooling. They will help ensure your home’s temperature remains comfortable while combatting allergies that plague countless households at this time of year.

Now that the inside of the home is taken care of, you should also consider the outside of your home, including the roof, siding, and the garage.

The need for roof repairs in common in spring. After all, the northeast gets plagued by high winds while the middle states are still struggling to wipe off bits of snow in May. Our roofs can take a big beating between the seasons which makes a roof inspection in the spring a necessity.

A faulty roof can do more than just cause leaks in your home. A bad roof can also lead to structural problems, pest invasions, and mold growth, the latter of which is particularly bad for those with allergies. Before you hire anyone else, be sure to invest in the proper roofing services to keep your home — and its inhabitants — safe.

One of the most allergy-plagued areas of your home, surprisingly, is your garage. There’s nothing better than working on your car on the first warm day of spring, but your old garage door will let in plenty of pollen and allergens, even when it’s closed. The best thing you can do is call a reputable garage door installation company. A new garage door will better insulate your home from the outside world than an outdated wooden door. You can even ask your installation company if they have any garage door screens available to let in nice weather without the associated pollen and bugs.

The right home repairs are vital in keeping you and your family safe from spring problems. When you’re looking for tips for a healthy spring, start in the home.

Perform the necessary lawn maintenance

There are still more tips for a healthy spring that you should consider, including your lawn maintenance.

Many people tend to forget that allergy and bug problems can start right in your backyard, especially if you live by a water source. Anything from mosquitos to plants to ticks can become a huge issue if you shirk your outdoor maintenance duties. That’s why it’s essential you invest in the best tree removal companies to monitor your lawn and note any problem spots.

But why would you ever want to remove a tree? Removing a tree might become necessary if pests have invaded the plant or fungus has killed the tree. This could put your home at risk. A collection of trees can even lead to pest infestations thanks to the shade coverage, especially near wet areas in your lawn. In fact, many siding contractors recommend tree removal services in order to prevent pollen, bugs, and moisture from damaging the exterior of your home.

Unfortunately, healthy trees might also need to be removed. After all, tree roots typically grow outward, not down. As such, it’s not uncommon for tree roots to cause problems with your foundation, your driveway, and even your plumbing. Tree roots will naturally seek out moisture in the earth. If there is a crack in your plumbing or septic tank, the tree’s roots will find these small pockets of moisture and infiltrate your plumbing system. While septic companies and plumbing companies often do all they can do keep the tree alive, sometimes, calling in a tree removal service is the best option.

It’s not often thought of but maintaining the outside of your home is just as important as maintaining the inside (if not more so). Follow these tips for a healthy spring when you want to make the most of the season.

Contact a pest specialist

You might think you should only contact a pest specialist when you notice an infestation. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. After a rough winter, pests will try everything they can to invade your home and find a meal ticket. The best tips for a healthy spring demand that you call a bug and animal control specialist before anything happens.

After all, termites will ruin your home’s structure, rats can invade small homes in your kitchen, and even raccoons can pose an issue if your garage or shed isn’t up to code (rely on the garage door idea in the first list of tips for a healthy spring).

Pest and animal control specialists are experts when it comes to identifying and sealing entry points on your home. They can also perform a necessary inspection to identify if you already have a problem with spring pests. Sometimes, homeowners don’t realize they have a problem unless they know exactly what to look for. Unless they see the physical pest, it can be easy to ignore the signs.

Specialists, on the other hand, can identify scratch marks from raccoons, rodent droppings, and more. If pests aren’t dealt with swiftly, they could lead to illnesses among you and your pets. Even if you know what to look for already, specialists have the trained eye you need to keep your home safe. Contact a pest and animal control group to ensure you have the healthiest spring you can.

Clean, clean, clean

It’s far easier to maintain a home that’s already clean than to start late. Giving your home a necessary clean sweep before pests and pollen arrive will make it easier to keep up on chores as they arise. Luckily, if the thought of cleaning your entire home is too daunting, you can always rely on residential and commercial cleaning services to offer you a clean slate.

After all, countless companies use these services when they need to move offices. Still more adults utilize a cleaning company when they want to get their apartment deep cleaned for the security deposit. What’s stopping you from hiring an expert cleaner to start you off on the right foot for spring?

Performing a thorough deep clean of your home can also unveil problems that you might not have noticed before. Cracks in the windows from a stray pebble, a leaky faucet in the guest bathroom; these are all issues that could fly under the radar. Thanks to a thorough cleaning, however, you will be able to nip these problems in the bud before they pose a risk to your health this spring.

You will also find that cleaning your car is a great idea. Just like you need to clean your home’s AC filters at least twice a year, the same goes for your car. This will remove any allergens, dirt, and pollen from the system to ensure you’re ready for any summer road trips. You should also clean your car’s carpets, shampoo the seats, and wipe any dust from the dashboard. You’d be surprised how much build-up can accrue in just a few short months of driving. Visiting an auto parts store or auto repair shop will allow you to talk to specialists who can offer even more tips, too.

Cleaning is also a great home workout. With COVID-19 keeping most of the gyms and activity centers closed, getting creative with your workouts is essential. Clean thoroughly and clean often as one of the top tips for a healthy spring.

Eat local, seasonal food

Local businesses are struggling right now as a result of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. As most nonessential businesses are still closed, it’s more important than ever to support healthy restaurants in your local community.

After all, eating a healthy diet can help you live longer. One way to eat better — and support your community — is by ordering take-out meals. Look for healthy options like Meditteranean restaurants and vegetarian-friendly stores that feature plenty of fresh greens.

You might also want to visit your local farmer’s market to pick up fresh goods. Rumor has it that eating honey sourced from local bees can also help diminish allergies in some people. The thought is that honey is naturally infused with local pollens which can be introduced to your immune system without triggering an allergic reaction. As such, eating local honey is supposed to help folks with allergies better survive the pollens introduced each spring.

If you’re not a fan of honey, however, have no fear. There are plenty of foods that are great for combatting allergies, including:

  • Apples: Did you know? Apples contain flavonoids that help reduce the inflammation response. Eating an apple or two can help prevent inflammation, too.
  • Citrus: Citrus fruits contain a lot of vitamin C which is key for boosting our immune systems. If you’re not a fan of the tangy burn, however, you can also eat some raw broccoli for an extra boost of vitamin C.
  • Fish and nuts: These protein-packed foods are ideal for boosting your immune system and fending off inflammation, a common allergy response.

Tips for a healthy spring

When you’re looking for tips for a healthy spring, rely on this piece to steer you in the right direction. With help from the whole family, these ideas can be implemented in a few short weeks. From allergies to pests, these tips for a healthy spring will be sure to keep you and your family safer.

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