Five Exciting Destinations for Wheelchair-Accessible Travel


New technology as well as laws that expand access for the disabled have opened up new possibilities for mobility. Not only is most public transportation now wheelchair accessible, wheelchair design has improved to meet the needs of various users. Features like wheelchair comfort cushions and wheelchair arm pads make it easier to spend a full day on the go. This opens up all kinds of possibilities for travel to some of the exciting destinations described below.

Greater access for wheelchair users
New laws and greater awareness of the needs of people with a disability have greatly expanded access to public transportation and sites like museums, theaters, restaurants and malls. Nearly all, or 98% of all public transportation buses are accessible to wheelchair users, as are most train services.
All of this means that the approximately 3.6 million people in the U.S. who use wheelchairs have many new possibilities for education, employment, travel and cultural activities. The scope of outdoor activities is also expanding rapidly as inclusive excursions and tours add national parks and other tourist and historic sites to their itineraries.

Travel in comfort
Not only are there many new inclusive travel opportunities, new designs and features can make it easier to spend a busy day traveling, sightseeing or even going off-road in high performance wheelchairs. A self-reliant and active lifestyle is much easier with such features as wheelchair arm pads and calf straps for wheelchairs.

Five adventurous destinations
All of these changes have opened up a world of travel and adventure for wheelchair users, in the U.S. and beyond. Here are five exciting destinations famous for their natural beauty, history, culture, cuisine and shopping. All are wheelchair accessible. Special wheelchair features like comfort cushions and wheelchair arm pads mean that you don’t have to miss out on any of the excitement.

  • Bryce Canyon National Park
    In this relatively quiet national park, you’ll find spectacular rock formations and cliffs, wheelchair-accessible trails and lookout points, and wildlife including deer, elk, bears, foxes, coyotes, eagles and condors. One of the best ways to see the sights is by car, and to spend the night in one of the two campgrounds surrounded by pine trees, junipers, aspen, blue spruce and Douglas fir.

  • Valley Forge
    Valley Forge National Park is a memorial to one of the major battles of the American War of Independence, where General Washington led a tattered and ill-prepared army to victory. The outdoor exhibits are all wheelchair accessible, though the house used as General Washington’s Headquarters is too old to be converted.

  • Barcelona, Spain
    Spain’s second largest city is also one of the most wheelchair accessible European cities. Historic architecture, churches, museums, beaches and world famous cuisine are only some of the highlights of this exciting destination. Taxis and public transportation are all wheelchair-accessible.

  • Cape Town, South Africa
    From historic Cape Town with the backdrop of the Table Mountain to stunning coastlines to exciting safaris, there’s so much to see and do here that one trip may not be enough.

  • Singapore
    The most wheelchair-accessible city in Asia has a modern transportation system with a metro, buses, and taxis. Attractions include museums, restaurants, the famous Gardens by the Bay with the Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, and Heritage Gardens, and of course world-class shopping.

Wheelchair users enjoy much greater mobility than ever before and can enjoy active and self-reliant lifestyles. Whether traveling within the U.S, or overseas, comfort features like special customs and wheelchair arm pads make it easier to get the most out of your travel.

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